1 hour 20 minutes of relaxing Minecraft Parkour (Nostalgia, Scenery, No Ads)

I built this continuous parkour through a Minecraft world that lasts for over an hour. Watch this if you want to chill and enjoy some nostalgic Minecraft scenery. Please share this video around!
Builds along the way by the one and only Phaic.

Skip to 7:14 for the nice scenery. For the first few minutes of parkour I was still trying to get the rhythm down.

Map Download: In the pinned comment.

This is a friendly reminder that you MUST provide proper credits in your video. Proper credits means that you give me credits for the content and link to this video if possible. I do NOT allow my content to be used for any purpose without proper credits. If you find anyone stealing this video, please report them.


Nostalgic Minecraft Parkour to study and relax, study, work, or sleep to.
Long scenic Minecraft Parkour.


  1. Clicked this vid*
    Ad shows up*
    Danggg you lierr

  2. I appreciate a lot the amount of effort you put on this, from setting the parkour map to completing it in order to make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Thank you

  3. Hello, can I use this video as a
    background in my tik tok videos?

  4. Jellymid be like: IMA USE IT 😂😂😂😂🤮

  5. imagine if you are jumping on flying island(blocks) in real life ✨💫⭐😆

  6. now some parkour is a piece of cake for you

  7. Funfact : if you fall there you would respawn in the first parkour

  8. No ads: just opened the video and received an ad

  9. Friggin liar I got an ad watching this.

    Fr though this was such a good video

  10. using this for a vid if thats ok – commentary one; im ass at parkour

  11. 28:38

    Thanks you by relax me friend. You 're a big people. 💪🎩🥂😎🤗🤝

  12. I have found the video that every commentary youtuber uses in the background of their videos

  13. Hi Mr Mb switzer my think your parkour shadow is really cool 😎 and the shader is looks good im chilling. Thank for making this video your really good

  14. Eu pensando o trabalho que deve te dado pra fazer isso véi coitado de quem fez esse parkour mais realmente eu achei super relaxante recomendo muito pra quem quiser relaxar

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  16. This Wanna Make Me Jump Off A Building-😭😭

  17. Bro just bring me to an empty void with all my childhood memories

  18. 5:33 and 19:26 He is in creative mode guys. He also has Speed and Jump Boost effects. Please don't reply to me.

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    26:18Ошибка Windows

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    46:42Прыжок не удался из-за задержки

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  21. I fell asleep while watching, it's very nice , cool

  22. hello, i have read the comment of the creador and i want to use this video like background for a vídeo, an i think that if i put the creators link vídeo sin the description and if i give you the credits i can use it, isnt right?
    (If i dont put a thing correcta is because i speak spanish and im sorry, i dont know a lot about copyright 🙁 )

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