15 BEST Parkour Games That Will Test Your Mettle

Platforming games have been around since forever and enamored players of all ages, whether it’s focusing on precision jumping or entertaining exploration.

Parkour titles are a sub-genre in that respect, encompassing both aspects while presenting a unique experience. What are some of the more noteworthy parkour games? Let’s take a look at some of them here.


  1. bruh the dying light makes me sick especially the mouse sens delay

  2. You forget Dying light too.that game has REAL parkour

  3. I tried get to the orange door

    It's not good at all

    Some point 0 enemy and sometimes

    Literally 10 K enemy i just played 25 min and it not that fair

  4. where the hell is Karlson its a parkour game too what the hell?
    Oh you dont know what karlson is? well its just a game the a youtuber dani is making its currently the 15th 10 idk most wishlisted game on steam so smash wishlist now gamers

  5. why didn't you mention sunsetoverdrive?

  6. i tought i was the only one who didnt care about unitys glitches and tought it was a much more consistently fun game than black flag(+ multiplayer and class building was good)*it truly made you feel like batman*

  7. WHERE IS GHOSTRUNNER THE PARKOUR IN THAT GAME IS CRAZY the thumbnail is literally ghost wtf

  8. fuck ghost runner. that shit is hard asf! 🤣🤣

  9. first person parkour is worse then roblox

  10. dishonored hands down for me. incredible game

  11. Its sad that they didnt mention warframe with its parkour

  12. Stride….stride is the best parkour game of all time idc what anybody say😂frfr

  13. I think best parkour game on Android is Vector

  14. its not a parkour game if it has other things than freerunning and parkour

  15. turning off runner's vision on mirror's edge catalyst made the game quite enjoyable. I'd recommend a replay without using runner's vision at all.

  16. im looking for jumping puzzles like in Destiny 2. Any recommendation?

  17. Are these for mobile Or just computer?

  18. Kinda sad that vector doesn’t work anymore

  19. Im actually starting to do parkour in real life, I started As a kid finding every single cool trick and shortcut on a playground playign tag with my friends, but now I want to actually parkour

  20. assassin creed and dying light are the best parkour game to me

  21. Wheres Prince of Persia…😑😑n prototype too…

  22. io just want people to know that if you turn pro the movement in the game is literally top of the list. this dude just ass so it looks trash.

  23. Imo Dying Light 2 is beyond everything atm sadly. Even with the "superhuman" mechanics they added. Everything unlocked, it is a blast just running around in the game. Never gets old. Really hope there is a Mirrors Edge 3 in the future. Maybe with more depth than just the parkour part to bring more people in. Got alot of promise imo. First person is the only thing that is really enjoyable imo.

  24. Who is the character on the thumbnail? Holding blades

  25. All these games is nice and I will definitely check out somebody’s and I like your videos

  26. Mirror's edge catalyst is not too bad, thought it didn't surpassed or came equal to it's predecessor it's still a very worthy game to play.

  27. isnt ghostrunner just a better looking karlson

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