15 BEST Parkour Games That Will Test Your Mettle

Platforming games have been around since forever and enamored players of all ages, whether it’s focusing on precision jumping or entertaining exploration.

Parkour titles are a sub-genre in that respect, encompassing both aspects while presenting a unique experience. What are some of the more noteworthy parkour games? Let’s take a look at some of them here.


  1. I feel like Mirrors Edge Catalyst was the last "good will" effort from EA. After poor sales, it was just down the loot box rabbit hole from there.

  2. i wouldve put spider man ps4 on this list but below. i know its not a definite parkour game but it has the essence of being one.

  3. Ok what is Parkour cause all he named was priest person third person and side scrolling games

  4. So if Assassin’s Creed isn’t a stealth game anymore that defeats the whole point of it being called “Assassin’s Creed” because an assassin is supposed to be stealthy

  5. AC Unity is one of the best AC games. Post bugs it’s near perfect

  6. I'm currently playing Mirror's Edge and it's stressing me the heck out. 😂

  7. Assassin's Creed should never have been a RPG. They only did it to make more money

  8. I simply don't understand the appeal of 1st person parkour games.

  9. I'm playing Mirror's Edge Catalyst and it's a pity they didn't put more effort in it. .

  10. Difficult concept/idea/system to transfer realistically into a gaming genre and yet I remember first being aware of parkour in 2004 and thinking 'This would be good as a game'.

  11. Wow there are others besides Dying Light and Mirror's Edge

  12. Nothing blows me away more than Assassins Creed Unity. The style of parkour is such with finesse and suave as if Arno learnt his parkour from a ballet dancer. The way he jumps changing the direction suddenly and jumps diagonally from one roof to another is just an eye candy to watch.. and play.

  13. Titanfall 2, Dying light & Ghostrunner are the best

  14. This was all just some scam to watch the video

  15. I love how you people just assume that mirror's edge catalyst was a "disappointing game" while I absolutely enjoyed the shit out of it, i did have low expectations I admit but I honestly was blown away by it
    plus on steam, mirror's edge has 87% positive reviews and catalyst has 85% positive reviews so..

  16. Am I the only person who wants more 3rd person free roam parkour games like AC

  17. I wish some of the first person games were third person or had a third person option.

  18. I honestly wasn’t a big fan of ghost runner to be honest.

  19. It’s such a shame that most “Parkour games” are just holding forward and jumping every now and then.

  20. i have played four of this games and i agree

  21. Where is karlson but is it just me or those characters lookin kinda be….. THICC drink your milk

  22. I got killed at the final boss on ghostrunner so many times i memorized every possible out come

  23. It all started with games like Prince of Persia and Tomb Raider and look where we're now
    Ghost fcukin runner such a great game

  24. the disrespect to watchdogs 2 is just crazy, not even 1 mention

  25. Thx I like mirror edge thx so much it’s my favorite game I watch it on video and I look for it and I not know the name but I know thx

  26. U forgot Combat Online, it's cool cuz we can make our own parkour maps

  27. HOW TF can u have this list but not Watchdogs 2??

  28. Mirror`s Edge: Catalyst is nuch better than Mirror`s Edge.

  29. Bruh DL is THE BEST $20 I’ve ever spent

  30. 6:00 stride is now confirmed for august 5th 2021 to release on oculus quest 1/2

  31. Karlson is really good

    You don't know what karlson is

    It's just a game dani's working on and you can wish list it on steam
    It's currently the 12th most wish listed game……

  32. Why tf did you choose unity out of the entire franchise?

  33. i can never find a parkour game for me

    for free

  34. You can test Die Young too, it's the same editor than Downward 😉

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