15 BEST Parkour Games That Will Test Your Mettle

Platforming games have been around since forever and enamored players of all ages, whether it’s focusing on precision jumping or entertaining exploration.

Parkour titles are a sub-genre in that respect, encompassing both aspects while presenting a unique experience. What are some of the more noteworthy parkour games? Let’s take a look at some of them here.


  1. Catalyst is not bad. It's just hard to capture the unique experiance Mirror's Edge had back in 2008 when no other games played or looked like it.

  2. Ghostrunner is awesome. The atmosphere and music are great. Playing that game with cranked graphics at high framerates on an Ultrawide monitor looks incredible.The game is really hard and that's a part of it's charm. Once you finally beat that tough section you feel like such a badass. It's similar to Super Hot in that way. Would recommend everyone try both.

  3. Dude we're the heck is Warframe and those marvel and DC games

  4. How can u forget Watch Dogs 2 and AC origins

  5. All ax games's parkour mechanics can beat this list easily

  6. I knew there would be mirrors edge and dying light

  7. I'm surprised dying light and dying light 2 didn't make it on this list

  8. Call of duty modern warfare is better shooter than cyberpunk

  9. That Vector game. I gotta get that!

  10. Parkour off the floor, that's hard core, please don't ignore. 👇

  11. I would've said Prince of Persia the Sands of Time.

  12. I almost agree with you 100% the only thing I have a problem with me personally I'm tired of Assassin's Creed and I don't like mobile games I agree with you 97% but other than that you was more agreeable than any other time

  13. You did some serious injustice to Warframe. It is one of the best most addictive F2P game with amazing parkour and shooting. Having Vector here but nor warframe? That is a little weird

  14. Probably one of the scariest and most nerve wracking things i've ever experienced in gaming is Dying Light night time gameplay. Sneaking around, being spotted and running away from the volatiles made me shake like crazy😂😂 I can't wait for Dying Light 2

  15. I think you have to throw Wet in there. Great parkour game with a kickass female lead and lotsa guns!

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