1st Time Using Grappler In Parkour Be Like

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  1. Power grip op and grappler trash (I’m bad at the game)

  2. "teach me grappler"also vecety: does a grapple dash

  3. i got it today, and i understood it like its my child lol

  4. Pov me : and but i now insane because u teached me

  5. i miss when powergrip gauntlet was the meta now its just people flying with the grappler

  6. Whenever you need help with roblox parkour first thing you do: go to vec’s channel lol

  7. The grappler was the first game pass I bought (Though I've been playing since even before the grappler was a thing), and it was so god damn game changing, and I loved it. Even to this day, I am still finding new shit I can do with the grappler because the skill ceiling with it so unbelievably high with a nice low-ish skill floor so anyone can use it really and constantly get better as they use it.

  8. I spent 500 robux on something that’s pretty nice, I’m not that good but I can inconsistently grapple fall cancel

  9. So by only seeing the comments everyone bought the grappler i think after a lot of time i will be the first human getting it without robux

  10. I can use the grappler but not the power grip lol ( I found out how to use power grip I literally main it now it’s amazing tbh-)

  11. Nah grappler good first time I got it seemed like I was flying

  12. I'm watching your gearless dash it's so hard

  13. Early game progression: 🐢
    Like tbh mid-game is only like level 100 minimum

  14. I used to play that game but I never knew you could dash using a grappler I thought it’s best use was for triple wallclimb boosting

  15. this video was the same as the fake 1 you just showed LMAaaoo


  17. Screw grappler
    Powergrip and magrail gang

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