1st Time Using Grappler In Parkour Be Like

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  1. Relatable even though I only have it in modded version

  2. Listen man I regret buying the grapple. I’m so gonna get called a no skill for having it in my game passes.

  3. hmm sorry xD that you used is a glitch abuse xD

  4. if i have to break my finger to be good at a game/INTENDED MECHANIC
    your game is bad
    you cannot change my mind

  5. Does anyone know what skin it is so i can match it with my avatar is it the rare grafitti? i want to use it for my magrail

  6. İ was exactly like this when i saw wall flick jump and tried to this for 30min with no tutorial 2:30

  7. It’s actually impossible I can’t do it at all

  8. i regret buying it i dont even play this anymore

  9. thanks for the tutorial i have now mastered grappler

  10. just use the rank grappler the robux one i cannot tell any diffrence

  11. I remember playing this game a while ago
    I fucking hated it
    The tutorial bugged out so much

  12. snapped ending what I did not understand did somebody think he was hacking or something

  13. I hate use roblox on mobile becuse I cant play funky friday lmao

    Roblox sucks

  14. They should make a swinger that is basically mag rope and grappler.

  15. U actually know how to use the grappler right😅

  16. me being a mag rope main: relatable.

  17. in the ´´OTHER´´ parkour, grapeler cost 5 levels… Your face: .__________________. BRUH

  18. I’m somewhat glad I have a game with actually alright parkour.

  19. Thanks too modded parkour i experienced it (iam to lazy to lvlup lol)

  20. I may not have it YET but it seems like something that requires practice to use to it’s fullest effect

  21. im a titan and i just realized you can dash with the grappler

  22. Grapple is still good and good to flex about skills, but powergrip is still good in some situations

  23. I didn't understand the grappler, but now? I still don't. Currently the grappler is just a climbing boost for me.

  24. If you keep messing around with grappler you will find a lot to it maybe you find a new mechanic like grappling the air and getting launched

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