1st Time Using Grappler In Parkour Be Like

mcyum reference :
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  1. I love this youtuber because hes so funny and awesome to watch and good content and entertainment!
    Thank you VecetyP For Doing this channel its really appreciating

  2. Wheres the grapper gamepass i will press it

  3. I'm still on the half learning half mastered phase for grappler, every time I see a video of someone who's really good with it I just ask myself if I just suck

  4. literally him saying he cant do grappler moves 2:00 does a grappler move ( yes i know thats a joke thing )

  5. grappler dash soool easy

    i miss*

    other people:smh skill issue

  6. I’m so annoyed that it just pulls you towards something

  7. Bro i was like this too, i thiught it would let me swing

  8. Just started grappler and im pro already 🙂

  9. oh this guys going to teach me nice proceeds to grapple dash to him

  10. I bought grappler yesterday and already am able to fall cancel and dash somehow

  11. i dont have the grapple so i tried using it on a modded parkour game and i legit dont know how to use it

  12. Lmao somebody in a server I was in yesterday who was level 30 bought the grappler and said it was a scam, the proceeded to leave after getting super mad and reported the game.

  13. How are you that good??? Teach me please sensei.. kneel

  14. I don't have Enough robux to buy an grappler, How sad

  15. that feeling when firewolf was your “teacher”

  16. lol I got grappler and chromium and someone scammed me by giving me phyco I forgot what it's called for my chormium and said it was fair LOL

  17. Vec….how i put the primary color section (spike) invisible??

  18. that tutorial video was 100 percent a mcyum parody.

  19. aint no one taking about how he grapple dashed before he got taught

  20. LoL The end are funny cuz Snapped it means BANNED LOL

  21. 2:03 wait he know do that but not do other dash ?

  22. Thats why if u want buy grappler try first on parkour modded


  24. This is how you get free grappler just use parkour modded

  25. when he said nice he did a grapple dash

  26. i was about to say that u got inspired by mcyum but i saw the desc, u did it urself, nice

  27. Guess I'm better to learn how to use grappler by myself. But first,

    I need to obtain it with no bobux cuz for some reason I still don't have it

  28. Oh this guy is going to tech me. Proceeds to grapple dash.

  29. before getting a grappler i watched 5 review videos and 20 tutorials and guides to figure out is it worth it

  30. This is actually so true until I watched a tutorial lol

  31. "I take damage everytime I use it"

    Bro your literally separating your arm when you fall faster

  32. I bought the grappler and watched a video about it and uhhh… weee *dies*

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