3 Tricks for Untitled Parkour Game!

These are some tricks I picked up while playing UPG.
New videos are coming out soon!


  1. Bro…I’ve been subscribed all this time and never got a single notification 🤯 (thanks YouTube 😐)Congrats on the growth too!!!! I would have kept up watching if I realized you were posting here 😂

  2. Actually you can use glider and grapple together with a roll it will slow your falling speed

  3. Thx! definitely will be trying to learn these!😆

  4. I was the first content creator on this game and i love this video

  5. hey uh i like did the grapple dash on my vid before you , but its ok keep it up

  6. Another trick is (technically a glitch) if u wallbounce right as u touch the ground u can still wallclimb after
    Thus giving an amazing advantage!

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