40 Years of Parkour Game Evolution in 15 Mins

Gaming and has a long and interesting history of using Parkour movements to give the player new ways to play, but how did the simple jumping of Mario evolve into the ‘go anywhere’ games like Assassin’s Creed? And what about games that make the experience of Parkour accessible in your living room? In this episode of Parkour Analysis, we explore the evolution of parkour in gaming, from blockbuster games to independent developers, to fan-games.

Is the game with the best Parkour movement, the most fun to play?

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Its really amazing so go and enjoy it!

Charlie Scott
The Potts Family
Elena @ Joy Way Games
Raaj @ Hole in the Sleeve

00:00 Intro
00:52 Pixel Platformers
01:54 Early 3D Games
02:57 Parkour & The Sands of Time
03:48 Tony Hawk’s Pro Freerunning
05:05 Assassins Creed inspires Parkour
06:15 Mirror’s Edge changes everything
07:23 Brink and Titanfall
08:10 Assassins, Vector, Tomb Raiding & Dogs
09:38 Dying Light
10:32 Catalyst & Parkour in more games than ever
10:59 Parkour in Virtual Reality
12:11 MINECRAFT! & User Made Parkour Mods
12:44 Dreams of TruePKFR
13:42 Storror Parkour Game
14:24 The future of Parkour games

The movements in this video are performed by professional parkour athletes and stunt performers in controlled environments. Do not attempt anything in this video without professional training and supervision. We recommend seeking local tutors to learn parkour and more than anything, make sure you remain within your abilities!

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  1. Prince of persia was awesome man I loved that game used to play it on the psp

  2. my name is sebastian foucker im literally shitting tears rn XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  3. 1:40 Ninja Gaiden back in 1989 was the first time I saw vertical jumping up a wall and grabbing the wall to jump higher up the wall, or jumping back and forth between 2 walls to progress upward.

  4. Surprised that warframe was not mentioned.

  5. You forgot Ninja Gaiden here among the very earliest examples. Also Sunsoft's Batman. Both of these have wall jumping.

  6. Man you forgot a totally focused parkour game :
    A freerunning /parkour racing game from 2010.

  7. Star wars jedi fallen order also has so parkor

  8. I feel touched by this video. Mirror's Edge is meaningful to me. Before that, I played many games mentioned in the video, but I only called adventure games. It was from Mirror's Edge that I knew Parkour and started to learn Parkour in real life. It's a pity I stopped because of many kinds of stuff and mostly no friends to play and train together. But it's still good to see these nostalgic things. Thank you.

  9. "When you think of parkur in video games"

  10. Hunter in Left 4 Dead has surprising depth to his wall jumps

  11. Yeah Vector was a big parkour game in mobile players community

  12. Here I sit on my Island with my parkour video game inspiration being completely attributable to Sonic the Hedgehog.

  13. A game you didn’t list and you wouldn’t suspect is satisfactory, with the slide and jumps and i even build a parkour map myself!

  14. Nice video! I also remember counter-strike having custom modes to train (bunny hop & precision), before Minecraft I think.

  15. My favorite game with parkour elements is actually "the saboteur"

  16. Vector and dying light 2, I llove those games and the best parkour games i've ever seen and played

  17. Wow amazing video you introduced me to so many awesome parkour games and reminded me of some awesome parkour games too thank you and well done on the video

  18. Interesting note: David Belle helped with the parkour movements in Dying Light 2

  19. 2003? jump london? isn't Yamakasi known outside of France? they been around since 2000

  20. what about the counter strike KZ community?

  21. I liked Brink quite a bit and the thing that held it back most was that not many ppl played it, so most of the time all I could do was play against the computer and that was either very easy or absolutely impossible. I really liked the movement they implemented and it made the maps feel much bigger than they actually were since one had so many options to get from point A to point B.

  22. Wait you guys did the Dying Light video bro I remember watching that video so long ago. I didn’t even know you guys did that video.

  23. cough people do parkour in toribash cough

  24. Playman extreme running much better than Vector

  25. Can’t believe they didn’t mention gorilla tag

  26. Why didn't you add Outlast it's a horror game but yeah it has parkour mechanics

  27. Do roblox have parkour game? I have no roblox

  28. Roblox Parkour exist too smh and i played it before

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