40 Years of Parkour Game Evolution in 15 Mins

Gaming and has a long and interesting history of using Parkour movements to give the player new ways to play, but how did the simple jumping of Mario evolve into the ‘go anywhere’ games like Assassin’s Creed? And what about games that make the experience of Parkour accessible in your living room? In this episode of Parkour Analysis, we explore the evolution of parkour in gaming, from blockbuster games to independent developers, to fan-games.

Is the game with the best Parkour movement, the most fun to play?

Intro music provided by Monstercat:
Aero Chord feat. Anna Yvette – Break Them

The rest of the music in this video was made by Thi Fisher, from his new album ‘The Energy of Heat’

Its really amazing so go and enjoy it!

Charlie Scott
The Potts Family
Elena @ Joy Way Games
Raaj @ Hole in the Sleeve

00:00 Intro
00:52 Pixel Platformers
01:54 Early 3D Games
02:57 Parkour & The Sands of Time
03:48 Tony Hawk’s Pro Freerunning
05:05 Assassins Creed inspires Parkour
06:15 Mirror’s Edge changes everything
07:23 Brink and Titanfall
08:10 Assassins, Vector, Tomb Raiding & Dogs
09:38 Dying Light
10:32 Catalyst & Parkour in more games than ever
10:59 Parkour in Virtual Reality
12:11 MINECRAFT! & User Made Parkour Mods
12:44 Dreams of TruePKFR
13:42 Storror Parkour Game
14:24 The future of Parkour games

The movements in this video are performed by professional parkour athletes and stunt performers in controlled environments. Do not attempt anything in this video without professional training and supervision. We recommend seeking local tutors to learn parkour and more than anything, make sure you remain within your abilities!

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  1. Bad puffer isn't bad;) he only kills humans 🙂

  2. 3:29
    Wait what!
    I didn't know it was possible to do that in real life!

  3. Ready to see more videos like this Ampisound! Love it

  4. And Jedi fallen order? ): (Yes,jedi fallen order was launched in 2019)

  5. Love ur hard work to make this video btw ur video r soo good

  6. Nice vid, I hope the youtube algorithm blesses you

  7. why do you have a fkn gun behind you? it looks like a barrel of a M4 or something

  8. I'd love to see on this channel some kind of live action performance based on dying light 2

  9. I love titanfall 2 and I think it has the best mobility of all games. It’s sad that it has been Ddosed

  10. How could you not mention Fancy Pants Adventure?

  11. Wow you really took me back in this video a lot of great memories and I remember being obsessed with parkour after watching that documentary and watching video games implement parkour getting better and better every year! One of my favorite games of all time is Getting Up and the parkour mixed with graffiti made me love that game, your video was put together really well big ups to you 👍

  12. When you will came to India 🇮🇳

  13. I didnt see roblox :/, in roblox parkour shortcuts does exit, in roblox to they call parkour obbies

  14. ah, 2014, when i had my xbox 1 and a bad laptop, titanfall was my favorite game at the time, now its titanfall 2.

  15. I have dying light the following and dying light good night good luck and days gone

  16. Cool video.. Donkey kong was not the first to jump. I can name one Janitor Joe on MS dos a jump

  17. i miss the exposing fake parkour video series .

  18. Dying light made me interested in parkour. I cant wait for dying light 2, the feeling of getting chased in the middle of the night. Jumping from roof to roof man what a feeling

  19. I remember getting assasins creed when I was 7

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