40 Years of Parkour Game Evolution in 15 Mins

Gaming and has a long and interesting history of using Parkour movements to give the player new ways to play, but how did the simple jumping of Mario evolve into the ‘go anywhere’ games like Assassin’s Creed? And what about games that make the experience of Parkour accessible in your living room? In this episode of Parkour Analysis, we explore the evolution of parkour in gaming, from blockbuster games to independent developers, to fan-games.

Is the game with the best Parkour movement, the most fun to play?

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Its really amazing so go and enjoy it!

Charlie Scott
The Potts Family
Elena @ Joy Way Games
Raaj @ Hole in the Sleeve

00:00 Intro
00:52 Pixel Platformers
01:54 Early 3D Games
02:57 Parkour & The Sands of Time
03:48 Tony Hawk’s Pro Freerunning
05:05 Assassins Creed inspires Parkour
06:15 Mirror’s Edge changes everything
07:23 Brink and Titanfall
08:10 Assassins, Vector, Tomb Raiding & Dogs
09:38 Dying Light
10:32 Catalyst & Parkour in more games than ever
10:59 Parkour in Virtual Reality
12:11 MINECRAFT! & User Made Parkour Mods
12:44 Dreams of TruePKFR
13:42 Storror Parkour Game
14:24 The future of Parkour games

The movements in this video are performed by professional parkour athletes and stunt performers in controlled environments. Do not attempt anything in this video without professional training and supervision. We recommend seeking local tutors to learn parkour and more than anything, make sure you remain within your abilities!

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  1. I love dying light, can't wait for dying light 2

  2. I feel like COD Ghosts really pushed parkour in FPS games, it was the first COD to have fast mantling and sliding. It seemed like every FPS games after that got fast mantling and sliding and even more parkour maneuvers.

  3. I love Mirror`s Edge Catalyst. This game is much better than first game (Mirror`s Edge). There are not so much parkour tricks, but also enough of them.

  4. Wooow you are sooo good thanks for your Videos❤️

  5. hey you heard of a game called Freejack it's a parkour racing game

  6. Loved the video, very interesting ! I never even thought of Mario as a tracer but it makes sense !
    Could you add the list of games mentioned in the video ?



  8. Another good parkour game is karson, it is still in development made by another YouTuber called Dani the devlogs and game play on his channel is amazing. And he makes other great games too. 🙂

  9. True Pk/FR is honestly the best Parkour game ive ever play so fun!

  10. そーゆーことじゃないってー

  11. Thanks Scott, for putting that huge amount of time into this video! I did know a good bunch of the games, but there are a few I've never heard before, good stuff!
    Still got that Brink Tour shirt in my closet as a memento to the good old times 😡

  12. There used to be a Multiplayer parkour game called "Free Jack". It was basically a racing game with parkour.

  13. Thank you! Finally someone appreciating unity's parkour lol

  14. There are 2 parkour games on Roblox, one called ‘Parkour’ and the other called Runner’s Path.

  15. I loved making my Nintendog do a barrel roll when he caught the frisbee.

  16. You missed one game that kinda has parkour in it.

    Nadeos "Shootmania" mainly is a fps-game but has a game-mode where you have to traverse a given course the fastest you can using walljumps, ropes, rocketjumps etc.
    Like its better known big brother "Trackmania" it even has a map-editor, where ppl can build theire own maps and share them with the community.
    I've seen some really sick parkour-maps there. 🙂

  17. Great video! Looking forward to more quality content 👌🏾

  18. A bit of a stretch. If simple platform jumping is "parkour" then "parkour" is something else.
    There is a reason the sport is called parkour.
    You could say those old games are precursors to parkours evolution, they may have even influenced the development of the actual sport, but they aren't parkour any more than pre-humans are humans. Lots of commonality, but still categorically a different thing.

  19. That was a comprehensive vid Scott, good stuff 🙂

  20. Thanks for the feature! So excited for the future of parkour in video games!

  21. Vidéos games 😱🙏🏻


  23. Before your Supermario comment, I wouldn’t have thought it, but the (early) Dizzy series of games on the speccy had very satisfying rolls.

  24. How are you going to leave out David Crane's Pitfall from 1982?

  25. I actually got introduced to parkour because of Vector

  26. 오늘도 영상 👀잘보고 갈께요~
    📰구독 👍좋아요 ⏰알람 ……….👌오케이
    (^^) (__)(^^)

  27. Thank you, this was an AMAZING video about parkour and video games. To me the word parkour really came into play through films. Most notable of them all was District B13

  28. In France, most people discovered parkour with the release of the french movie "Yamakasi" in 2001, which was quite a hit!

  29. Hello, can I please have a video with parkour in Russia?

  30. Er… for wall jumps, and swinging from poles, should you be looking at the Ninja Gaiden games?

  31. Really well made video Scott.
    Check out 'Inside' if you've not before! Apart from being a masterpiece game it has some lovely Parkour mechanics.

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