404Sight: The “Net Neutrality Parkour” Game…?

Did net neutrality ever happen, I remember it was a thing for a while and then nobody cared after a few weeks. Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the world of innovation and creativity at digital circus kaufmo room. Explore cutting-edge technologies, mind-bending performances, and immersive experiences that redefine the boundaries of digital expression.

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  1. You mean ECHONet Neutrality

    Let your memes be free

  2. alot of effort to hide your browser history oboe…

  3. theres a 2009 Wii shooter The Conduit cult in chat but really we need to see oboe play cod 4 black ops 1 and modern warfare 3 on the nintendo ds

  4. you know it's a good game when it asks you to bypass your firewall

  5. One of the shortlist best free games on Steam and good game and music rocks

  6. @epsilon6516

    2 hours ago

    Play The 2009 Wii shooter The Conduit

  7. I love how everyone made a huge fuss about net neutrality and literally nothing changed afterwards.

  8. The Republic of Turkey is more glorious than net neutrality

  9. Lol, complete with Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper references. Too bad all the huffing and puffing didn't really do shit.

  10. Oboe is now at a Denny’s for a meetup
    Which one? That’s for you to find out on Denny’s Dash, coming this Friday (sponsored by Burger King)

  11. Commenting for algorithm and wish I had a supply of coffee mugs literally made of peanut butter cups.

  12. im hosting the first annual tali zorah vas normandy con in the apartment building next to yours
    feel free to come

  13. This game reminds me of those weird ass toys you would get at taco bell when they had kids meals

  14. Cosplay as a toa mata Bionicle canister, kinda look like behind the scenes R2D2 but.. taller, and cooler

  15. 15:22 Sorry to say mate, but a YouTuber called ‘Jauwn’ has already kinda filled the niece of making fun of NFT games. I say kinda because they just genuinely review them but with NFT games genuine reviews and making fun of them are basically the same, also considering the trash they have to go through to make a video on some of those games I’m not sure you’d want to try fill a similar niece

    Here’s a link to their series:

  16. looks like a game a 2013 commentary youtuber would play in the background

  17. no way that the speed burst is just the infamous second son effect??

  18. it looks like a super shitty version of code leoko

  19. Bro has to turn down th volume in every game

  20. You should play that awful NFT sewer monkey endless runner if it still exists

  21. Lessons in hubris: an oboeshoes twitchcon panel

  22. eh starfield playthrough was better than these randoms.

  23. The Mid-West has better cons that the East Coast

  24. I'm not big on most boomer shooters for the same reasons as you, but Severed Steel is a lot more forgiving(/easy) than most. It has a slo-mo button, which is infinite on the easiest difficulty, and you're invincible as long as you're sliding, diving, or wall-running, which you can basically be always doing. It's more focused on being a vector for you to feel cool than being an outright challenge.

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