5 biggest size mobile games🥵



  1. wdym genshin impact 20gb? For me genshin impact is 31.8gb

  2. genshin impact with around 40% of game released with 2 voice pack (25gb) max size of 30-35 gb. with all voice packs

  3. Mobile legends slowly consume your fucking 64Gb

  4. Call of duty mobile with full resources more than 20 gb😎

  5. Genshin impact r/n = 24.5gb.. (May differ in other devices)

  6. Genshin impact lver 1000000000000000 Gb need nasa phone

  7. The only thing I am hearing is : br rbrbeiahagyainatwvsuabfw

  8. Honkai, genshin, MLBB, CODM, and some more RPG games: 🍷🗿

  9. Puby crossing all of them with 1gb 🥵♥️

  10. Diablo Immortal – 18 GB… :))

  11. PUBG MOBILE:size increases every time when new skin is introduced ∞ 😂😂

  12. My genshin impact is 27gb and codm is 10gb

  13. Warzone mobile coming next ❤️❤️❤️

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