5,000 Robux to play this game..

it was lowkey worth


►Code: sketch


► My Brother BANDI:


  1. >sketch buys the game
    >pre access price drops to 2500

  2. Bro this was honestly some fire game and I don’t think that 5k robust should go to waste, maybe you could play it with some of your friends.

  3. Whoever edits these videos is a master in editing and nothing will change my mind

  4. the devs of this game need to make a dying light rip off

  5. the transitions are insane in the beginning in the video

  6. this game looks a lot like a fun parkour game called mirrors edge on steam.

  7. this game looks a lot like a fun parkour game called mirrors edge on steam.

  8. I really appreciate that u started parkour reborn! As an OG of the legacy i can confirm this experience is 100% worth it as its not fast-paced like the legacy.

  9. Bro makes the goofiest intros but then he makes the best edits in a sketch vid

  10. I liked my own comment because im a sad person

  11. I like how divideds friends where there xd

  12. Bro that is literally a scam why did you pay for it then if you know that is a scam

  13. For those who have a vr headset this game is based on a game called Stride

  14. this game is so good, AND IT'S ONLY IN PRE-ALPHA. Can't even imagine what the full release would feel like

  15. Just play mirrors edge like i do (I love parkour with all my heart im level 201 in regular parkour and i wish i had the money to get the game)

  16. The beginning with the parkour was amazing, sketch please do that in future vids. Also sketchup.

  17. Just letting you know, this game is a sequel to another game you played on your channel a few years back called "Parkour". So excited for this games public release!

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