8 Best Parkour PC Games you should try in 2019

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  1. please upload evil within 1 on your website

  2. i really have 0 idea why people are putting assassin's creed in the "parkour" category. you hold 2 buttons and a direction to do all the climbing. it's not a fucking parkour game, it's not even a platforming game, it's an oversimplified buggy garbage story game

  3. Dying light and watch dogs 2 are the best parkour games I can think of

  4. Why tf is watch dogs 2 in here, yeah you can do parkour but that is not the main part of the game and thats the same with titanfall you have a suit so you can run on walls and do duble jumps

  5. did this man just put "sands of time " as the name for Prince of Persia : The forgotten sands ?

  6. And the Assassin's creed unity gameplay credit goes to

    Stealth gamer br ❤️

  7. bro you shown forgotten sands instead of sands of time

  8. im very surprised that uncharted 4 isn't on this list, very disappointing

  9. Funny how you easily did the mission that made me almost delete the game in Assasins crees unity

    A different one ended up making me do it

  10. What about updated video and the game "a story about my uncle" game included???

  11. Titan Fall is not parkour it's advanced movement and just because you can climb in watchdogs doesn't make it parkour

  12. I'm glad someone else stills remember Prince of Persia

  13. it is not pop sands of time , it is forgotten sands

  14. You can add Die Young, it's a awesome parkour indie game.

  15. Watch dogs watch dogs 2 is the best open world parkour game

  16. most of them are not parkour games, watchdogs titanfall the hell man, watchdogs are hacking game and titanfall is a action fps.. parkour games are mirrors edge thos type no shooting just parkour nothing else…

  17. WELL DONE!!
    parkour games are my most favourite game genre and I had no idea that such cool games like hot lava and downward existed! good to find some new parkour games

  18. Bro plz make a video on mirrors edge catalyst and assassins creed syndicate

  19. I downloaded ''Prince of Persia: The Sands of time '' but its not opening the exe thatt i have to install anyone help>?

  20. Did you just call titan fall a parkour game lol

  21. Its prince of Persia the forgotten sands not the sands of time

  22. anyone notice that he put a & on mirrors edge catalyst

  23. Its not sands of time its forgotten sands

  24. We all know Assassin's Creed have the best story and parkour ❤

  25. This Is Prince Of Persia Warrior Within, Not Sands Of Time

  26. Give a game called deadcore a try if you love momentum based parkour games. It’s an interesting and unique feel, but I feel is akin to the feel of speed running something like mirrors edge or call of duty black ops 3 parkour.

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