A New Parkour Game || Reveal Trailer

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It’s time to reveal the name of my dream game. Thank you all for the incredible support over the last few months, it’s been an amazing journey so far and it’s only going to get bigger, and better from here!

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  1. Brooooo pllzzzzz try push for a mobile iOS version please bro id jam this game allday everyday im just to poor for a pc

  2. where is pre order button?! 😀 like to see how much love u stuck inside this game. Lots of big gaming studios cant produce such a simple but good looking and (hopefully) good working game today lmao

  3. I'm already looking forward to it! I'm so happy that the parkour game came out. Maybe it's awkward because I'm using a translator ^-^

  4. the game would get pretty boring after a few hours, try adding some time trials or multi player later on. Parkour tag would be insane

  5. Cant wait for this game to come out brother, im rooting for you 💪💪

  6. Yo when it comes out can you gift it to me I saw the video Jimmy cruck video and fell in love with the game

  7. just saying it looks like that roblox game

  8. honestly just this with some character customization and community map creation tools would be enough to get the budget rolling

  9. Man, this game is already looking so smooth! I can't wait for it to be collaborated with other titles like Avatar, Spiderman and even Assassin's Creed. It's amazing !

  10. I follow you on mulitple platforms and will continue to support you throughout this project🙌🙌 this is gonna be great

  11. Blud made a game that is perfect in just in a few months how tf idk but the game is amazing bdw will the game be on mobile cuz if yes i will be so excited and keep going with the good stuff

  12. Found these by chance while looking for a roblox game called parkour reborn and ever since then i was h o o k e d.You are amazing being a solo dev.keep grinding bro 😀

  13. I just found out and this game looks amazing

  14. When are we be abel to test the game or to play it in alpha?

  15. The pigeon gameplay is what im exited for the most

  16. Nice, i dont like the map but for the rest it look pretty solid

  17. This guy needs a team with him to get this to the masses!

  18. idk why but the character looks so short in first person.

  19. It would be sick if the character could transform into the pigeon

  20. I would love if you added a grappler, one swing and one tank, like this game on Roblox called parkour, and it’s successor parkour reborn

  21. Add a Static Long Jump and Wumpys 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  22. This game is stunning and obsoletely amazing!!!
    If I could I would like to develop your city for you I am a level designer and I also work on open world games just let me know.

  23. I'm used to seeing roblox avatars doing this stuff without all the flips.

  24. Man got mogged on by a roblox game that released 3 days before

  25. Ive been hankering for a good parkour game for awhile & THIS looks promising… VERY promising.

    If you'd like a suggestion from me, i feel like a grapple system would be very nice to see here or maybe ever wall-running & such! (Maybe even some customization? :o)

    Either way, im staying updated man.

  26. In the third perspective, you feel that the movement is slow and somehow not synchronized, but in the first perspective, it is amazing how organized and sequential it is, reminding me of dying light. Amazing work, my friend its like a game u can chill on it

  27. the prefect parkour game we need . u need to change the name

  28. Take your time man , best of luck. And do u have any plans for mp ? I reckon it will be as fun as skate while playing friends

  29. me n my boys play parkour reborn 🗣🔥🔥

  30. Bro please put multiplayer mod in the game

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