Adding precision jumps to my Parkour game!


  1. oh yuh i can tell this gam boutta have 1 mil people playing this game. fire game cuddi🔥

  2. that is a lot of ik stuff in your game it's amazing i am a game dev i know how hard that is

  3. ragdoll could use some work but the abnimations are fire

  4. the animations and fpv seem to be very good but try to add collisions on the ragdoll body to make it more realistic for the ragdoll physics and add weight to the ragdolls

  5. Defo downloading when Releasing tell the game game name when you think if it if you haven't

  6. Will u ever add mobile? (Just a question nay like am angry cuz u havent :))

  7. Could you show us a little clip about how you workin on that game , Like animation's , And scripting etc.😅

  8. This actually seems better than storror parkour pro, especially the first person.

  9. Yo this is kinda similar to roblox parkour reborn

  10. meanwhile parkour storror pro still cant do monkey or even jump properly

  11. The game look amazing i wonder when it gonna realese

  12. what is the game called or if it ids not out yet when will be out

  13. Dayum this could be a great steam game!

  14. Pls release this on Android when it's done

  15. I feel skate 3 like controls would be cool on it

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