Asmongold Plays a Game Designed to Make you RAGE QUIT (ALTF4)

Asmongold plays ALT F4 for the first time, a third person Getting Over It designed to make you fail and rage quit the game…

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  1. The best part of this – at least for me – is chat's ability to work so well with the music. It was hilarious. Well done boys.!

  2. I hate admitting this, its pretty embarassing. So i was at a lan party back in 2010 and some of us were just messing around running old wow dungeons and some drake mount dropped (cant remember which). Everyone rolled greed on it except for one douche that had the mount already and he rolled need. I said something about it being a douche move and he just casually said hit alt-f4 and it'll let u reroll. (This is the embarassing part) i had no idea what alt-f4 did so my dumbass pressed it and you know what followed…i was so pissed and everyone else got a good laugh out of it.

  3. Some game developers must be really pissed of Fromsoftware games, to try to make an ridicilous "copy" with goofy music and no concepts.

  4. I’m a year late but the reaction at 28:18 almost killed me 😂 I felt that in my core

  5. Zack, if you want to play a game that's really designed to make you rage quit, play Chinese Super Mario.
    Just don't destroy your computer with a bat.

  6. Zack, if you want to play a game that's really designed to make you rage quit, play Chinese Super Mario for pros.
    Just don't destroy your computer with a bat.

  7. The egg hatches but he grew a breast on his back.

  8. What is this the elder chicken or dark chicken I hope the plot twist not after u beat that track it say tutorial finished

  9. This is one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile. his reactions and the music go hand in hand

  10. "What the… I got knocked about by a TRROOOUT?!"

  11. Is this original version of the game gone? Bought the new one and the one asmon is playing here is nothing like it

  12. It seems so forced when he talks in this. I feel like I'm Watching those people who vlog for kids, when he's talking himself up to do the jumps it's just so lame, this vid is just unwatchable to me. Anyone who likes it ( like ACTUALLY likes it ), comment your age. There can't be anyone over 14. This video reminds me of the channels that are like
    "yo what's up guys, welcome back to another video, it's your boy asmongold, and today oh my gosh guys! You will never believe what I have for you today! Okay, we have to be quiet guys shh shh! Karen is coming we are going to jump out and scare her guys!! Get ready here she comes. BOO! Just kidding guys, there's no girl here…"

  13. "Not today, Satan. Not today."


  14. So Asmos played darksouls but low budget rofl

  15. I had to skip bits of the video because this was bad on my heart, blood pressure issues… I can't imagine how bad it would've been to have to actually do this. D=

  16. bro im dying lmfaooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. would never ever try a game like this …neither even if someone tell me that will give me thousands of dollars to do …but thank you…. my room is flooded of tears xaxaxaxa i'm still laughing axaxaxaxa

  18. At 21:40 it sounds like you turned into Dr. Disrespect for a few seconds. Haha

  19. Will there be a part two to this?

  20. Everything thing is irritating, the music, the way you scream when you die.

  21. This is the first video I ever watched of Asmongold XD

  22. I like how at 18:03 he says he will never mess this up again then it cuts to his 38th knight meaning he failed twice after saying that

  23. The soundtrack reminds me so much of Bully for some reason.

  24. I don’t like the music, it made this unwatchable for me.

  25. He was literally running circles around a save while announcing speedrun🤣🤣 you would just not save there in a speed run if it costs you 3 circles 🤣

  26. "It's like Dark Souls but the whole game is Sven's Fortress." I am rolling 🤣

  27. OMFG! I've never laughed so hard in my whole fuckn life!!

  28. I don't care what Asmon plays I just run his voice in the Background

  29. Asmongold shows why people watch him playing games

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