Assassin’s Creed Mirage News & Exclusive Info (Story, Stealth, Parkour, Assassinations) (AC Mirage)

Assassin’s Creed Mirage has been finally shown to the world and in this video we are going to discuss all the news and information we could gather! Subscribe to our channel 👉

In the video we are going to discuss our main character Basim, the setting of the game, which includes Baghdad but also the Hidden Ones fortress of Alamut, the focus on stealth, parkour and assassinations, and much much more!

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Context Assassin’s Creed Mirage
01:22 Basic Mirage Information
02:01 Historical Setting and Dating Issue
02:54 Characters & Story
06:17 Hidden Ones Story & Traditions
06:48 Baghdad and Alamut
08:45 Stealth News
10:09 Enkidu, Our New Eagle
10:49 Parkour News
11:39 Assassinations News
12:27 Release Window & Editions


AC 1 Gameplay via @WildGamerSK :

Assassin’s Creed Gameplay by @DKGames :

Blowpipe video via @TmarTn2 :

Rush Assassination video via @Markus Maximus :

Aquila heliaca picture via Sumeet Moghe (CC BY-SA 3.0):

AC2 parkour via @Jcers :

Unity Black Box mission footage via @TheHiddenOne:

Shoreh Agdashloo Message via @SpottinGames :


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  1. I love that alamut – the main inspiration for assassins creed – will be in the game. One of the most historically close buildings and time period to the game.

  2. It looks absolutely phenomenal. It is all I wanted, and more. The atmosphere is perfect. Curious about the gameplay now.

  3. So when will be last chapter for evior assassin creed Valhalla any news?

  4. I’m going to miss rpg assassin creed games 😭

  5. I’m excited for this. I love tragedy’s and I think this could be the best story/downfall in all AC. I hope there’s a modern day story that follows Valhalla for Basim

  6. I'm waiting for mirage and project hexe. I feel like project hexe will have the same vibes like the original assassins creed, the game that made me got hooked to the series. Although it's gonna be a lot more serious than any other series, I'm all for it. I wish they add bits and pieces that will make you slightly question the beliefs you grew up to

  7. I love that we get to see the whole sacrifice of a finger in order to use the hidden blade. I forgot , why in the lore did they stop that practice ?

  8. Never thought I'd see the day, people praising Ubisoft for makeing assassin's creed game about assassin's… Before we get a look at gameplay, there not much to talk about, Ubisoft's cinematic trailers always look nice, games on the other hand pale in comparison.

  9. i wonder if kassandra will show up in this game too

  10. Really excited for hexe just for the sole fact that every single game has been based around historical events where the people and the assassins win. (Outside of rouge) from all the hidden secrets in the teaser trailer makes me think we’re going to wurzburg shortly after the trials have started to probably avenge fallen assassins who have been perpetrated as witches. Code name red seems interesting but after Ghost of Tsushima I can’t imagine the games being that different outside of one being set in a relatively small island compared to AC which I imagine will use most of main land Japan.

  11. 9:55 i think its gonna be a mix of the marked takedowns from splinter cell and the multi takedowns from Arkham Knight

  12. As much as I hope that the actual game lives up to the potential and promises. Remember…Nothing is True.

  13. Really hope the parkour changes harkon back to when it was the best (ac3-unity)

  14. My problem is not with Mirage itself. It can be a great game. My fear is that they're only going back to the roots to please the old fans, get their money and fund their next MMORPG. So, I feel like it's just a one time only release and if that's the case I don't wanna be lied to, shot in the foot and wait the next 10 years for something similar.

  15. This all sounds good on paper, or looks good on canvas, but what matters of course is the gameplay.. which, we haven't seen yet.

  16. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get invested in a game leading up to launch. I am now invested in this game like I was for AC unity and Battlefront 2, which were games I have not only loved, but was extremely invested in before launch.

  17. The game still just seems weird to me cause it's evidently a budget title based off of Vahalla dlc, which is why it's only 49.99 USD, but if it's actually a return to basics AC game, surely they're building up an entirely new movement system for this game???? And if that's the case why would it be a budget title?

  18. No need to be worried about the release.. it'll be March 2023, just like when Ubisoft releases its new big-name game.. Otherwise, it would be November 2023

  19. Imagine an AC game ? It’s been like 6 years right ?

  20. We gotta wait til the gameplay. We can’t just assume the game is amazing cus of a trailer. That’s what happened with Valhalla and the game turned to be shit

  21. I allready feel bad for basim. To know that he will at one point in the game dissapear for loki is kinda sad

  22. Considering it was originally meant to be a Valhalla dlc, I’m not expecting much. I hope I’m wrong but I’m fully expecting it to play exactly like Valhalla. Same silly animations and goofy weapons.

  23. a DLC turned into its own game. The only thing that worries me is it’s length. I’m sure the story would b good but it should at least be the length of miles morales since it’s $50

  24. I really would not mind if they gave us a traditional AC game every 4 years, but continued to produce RPG AC games (bcz we'll never 100% go back to roots)

  25. Wait so your telling me you can be an assassin now in an AC game.

  26. Sounds so amazing and now i am hyped again for this game need it today :P.

  27. When they siad ii will be a modern take on gameplay and it's elements it won't be good it will be level gated rpg for sure…

  28. Yeah you don't care if there are mythical elements in the game since your whole channel is made for ac content so doesn't matter how shit it you will make vidoes of it and lie to peopels to buy this shit…

  29. Heard Ubisoft is gonna collaborate with Nick & Nate Diaz and make them a part of the Hidden Ones somehow 🤣

  30. I’m honestly pretty hyped. They always do good with hyping shit. But this does feel different than the previous games. Just need gameplay to confirm my thoughts now.

  31. All it needs now is Unity style parkour, good customization and we’re set.

  32. I am still cautiously optimistic cuz this sounds epic

  33. I really can't wait for Mirage, that trailer hit every single beat that fans wanted!

    Seeing the respect these Devs have for Assassin's Creed 1 means so much to me!

  34. This sounds like a cross between AC1 and Unity and if so that would be amazing.

  35. hopefully the parkour will be taken straight out of unity

  36. This sounds really boring. I am not playing this game

  37. Playing the Valhalla cutscenes along with the Unity cutscene made me feel secondhand embarrassment, the quality of the cutscenes are so laughably mediocre in Valhalla compared to Unity that it looks like some low budget Eurojunk game you'd get in Steam for 30$.

  38. i wonder if you can still walk around a tree and then the guy chasing would just lose you lol like in origin odyssey and valhalla

  39. im kinda sad they ddnt include female char too they ruined it with that wannabe in valhalla

  40. that rush assassination thing is broken but I still love it and prob used over 100k times lol just attack enemy then attack a pet (if he has) and then go back prob killed after second hit

  41. I love how the eagle has a sumerian God's name lmao that's dope fr I love how their are real life ester eggs lmao

  42. If they can go back to the roots keep the lore of the assassins creed and use the open world light rpg elements I think they will have a successful series you please both old and new fans but if you want fantasy make sure it fits with story and the feel of the game

  43. Is it just me or does this mans trailer look similar to ezios og ac 2 trailer

  44. Masyaf and Alamut. I'm glad we'll finally get to explore the latter.

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