Assassin’s Creed Mirage News & Exclusive Info (Story, Stealth, Parkour, Assassinations) (AC Mirage)

Assassin’s Creed Mirage has been finally shown to the world and in this video we are going to discuss all the news and information we could gather! Subscribe to our channel 👉

In the video we are going to discuss our main character Basim, the setting of the game, which includes Baghdad but also the Hidden Ones fortress of Alamut, the focus on stealth, parkour and assassinations, and much much more!

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Context Assassin’s Creed Mirage
01:22 Basic Mirage Information
02:01 Historical Setting and Dating Issue
02:54 Characters & Story
06:17 Hidden Ones Story & Traditions
06:48 Baghdad and Alamut
08:45 Stealth News
10:09 Enkidu, Our New Eagle
10:49 Parkour News
11:39 Assassinations News
12:27 Release Window & Editions


AC 1 Gameplay via @WildGamerSK :

Assassin’s Creed Gameplay by @DKGames :

Blowpipe video via @TmarTn2 :

Rush Assassination video via @Markus Maximus :

Aquila heliaca picture via Sumeet Moghe (CC BY-SA 3.0):

AC2 parkour via @Jcers :

Unity Black Box mission footage via @TheHiddenOne:

Shoreh Agdashloo Message via @SpottinGames :


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  1. Do you know who is the composer? And the length of the game?

  2. after mirage will ubisoft gou back to rpg in ac red and hexe ? can you make video on it please ?

  3. UBISOFT dont screw this up! Take your damn time!

  4. I'm honestly so excited for this. I'm still excited though to see the end of Eivors story.

  5. In order to remove some of the “rpg” elements, I would remove levels and upgrading armor/weapons. You can still collect weapons, but they don’t deal damage based on their level, etc, as it ruins immersion. Add a rank system like in the original, add weapon variety.

  6. I wonder what the combat is going be like is it like Odyssey or like black flag or like unity

  7. This sounds really promising I have to say. Hopefully we can soon see some gameplay.

  8. What about the combat system?? Just like rpg or like old AC games?

  9. Since the mentor will be so important this time around. Will we have a Buncha AC1 level dialogue with her about the creed

  10. Perhaps Basim will be more popular than Ezio once this game is out

  11. At last, Iran has something to do with AC games, by the way, " Alamut " is a real place

  12. This game will leave you wondering how Eivor bum azz defeated Basim’s Creed

  13. Mirage > HEXE > Red. AC does best when it seizes the opportunity with underused settings. Being a Spartan or Viking eclipsed assassins in the last 2 games

  14. How Altairish can they make this gameplay using the same engine as Valhalla

  15. Mirage sounds really good! Finally a AC game again!

  16. The time slowed chain assassinations will probably be similar to fear takedown from batman arkham knight. Just hoping the parkour is similar to unity not the rpgs

  17. I still want a item that allows us to run over the edge of the roof and slide down a rope that we hook on the as we drop off it's easy too just a hook on rope and it gives us way more movement for descending

  18. I'm hoping the original Basim will take back his body during the bleeding effect.

  19. I would Like to see the Brotherhood System Like in ac Brotherhood, Revelations, 3 but Not as Overpowered

  20. The only disappointing part of the trailer was the ending with the zombie/ghoul for kinda reveals that there are going to be fantasy/supernatural elements in the game again. They should just add proper ISU content, grounded in the AC lore. That would actually be one of the most important parts if they wanna make it feel like the original AC games. Step 1: get rid of the aweful supernatural BS

  21. I Am So Excited For This Game I am going to Pre Order The Collectors Edition This Tuesday😎

  22. Technically corner swings aren't anything new. They were already implemented on this engine in Origins.
    What I want is animation canceling and manual,full directional wall ejects back.

  23. Loki walking up to him in an ISU outfit instead of a ghoul at the end would have been so much better in my opinion. But let's wait and see how it will all turn out when the game releases

  24. I wonder how big the game is gonna be, hopefully more than 30 hours

  25. I'm glad they're making it a standalone game and not a Valhalla DLC or we wouldn't have gotten our true Assassin's Creed back.

  26. Here's what I also hope they'd bring back

    The target system like in odyssey and Valhalla

    It's really a cool feature like you need to figure out where's the target with clues and sometimes find them by accident while roaming

    Ik the map is more about quality this time and it's really a good thing

  27. The mask in game who basim catch him, Is the mask of first king of Iraq Sargon the great, The founder of Akkadin empire, the first empire in the world's

  28. Makes me sad that codename red was called an rpg game. Mirage was called a narrative character driven game which is what we all want. Hopefully Japan is taking the same route as mirage an doesn’t become another let down. Don’t get ur hopes up people, they made china a mobile game…

  29. I'm not exactly happy about the Eagle, a guy reviewing stealth games said it removes realism and difficulty by removing unpredictability.

  30. I'm glad the Eagle has additional risk now because it was op before

  31. That girl in pink 06:09 looks a little like Meghan the Duchess 🤔 maybe that girl is a princess in the game?

  32. No one mentioned anything about loki. I really wanna know how he takes over Basim and how he meets Sigurd which leads to AC Valhalla

  33. I’m still not convinced, the game is rumoured for a summer 2022 so where is the gameplay if they need us to preorder I don’t want to buy a dream

  34. It's been a while since I've been this hyped for an AC game. It has a Assassin's Creed Revelations vibe to it.

  35. Oh I hope we can call on recruits to help us like the older games, I always love the Assassin Recruits system :).

  36. Having seen and Hurd everything about this game I feel like a kid/teen again coz we finally have an ASSASSINS CREED GAME!! It’s been years!

  37. hey idk if you’ll see this but i was wondering if you can do a video explaining feudal japan and just giving it a general rundown so people can get the general basis of the story

    than maybe give some of your thoughts on where the map will be or who the main characters setting and situations will be i would love too hear your thoughts on it

    love your videos btw 🙏🏽👍🏽

  38. If all this is as good as it sounds, all it's really missing is AC Unitys parkour animation but i won't be too mad if it doesn't as long as it's better than what we recently got

  39. We need the return of the parkour system from unity!

  40. Never thought i'd see Assassin's Creed going back to it's roots, I'm almost about to cry in happiness

  41. When we will come closer to CGI graphics because i know for sure that the graphics of the game when it eventually releases will be much different than the CGI trailer
    However i hope the gameplay mechanics and the fighting system would be similar to the first assassin creed i mean its cool to take down alot of enemies with few seconds but that would be boring as well that's why the First AC combat system is pretty much needed or at least something that is closer to the first AC also i hope Ubisoft would bring that realistic feeling of the NPCs when they react to the situations and the environment

  42. I hope we will see the Isu Temple in Alamut with Memory Seals and it will be great reference to Altair and past games of AC.
    Small theory: maybe when Basim visit Alamut he will hear some voices of Isu leading him to Vault or he just visit it himself and then it will wake up sleeping DNA of Loki?..

  43. Enkidu?…

    if you know where that name comes from without googling it I like you!

  44. Am I the only one who's bothered by why basim have 2 different hoods in the same trailer?

  45. If this game turns out bad I have lost hope for gaming at this point, it looks amazing has a good vibe and a nice setting, I'm also happy to hear the focus on Stealth and parkour as that is the point of assassin's creed so if it flops I will be very disappointed

  46. This all is getting me excited but i really don't want to set myself up for disappointment. All of this sounds like what old AC fans have been asking for since odyssey released but trusting Ubisoft again after everything they've done is going to be hard. It doesn't help that instead of showing gameplay of any type they open pre orders and showed the collectors edition which just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So until i see actual gameplay i will remain optimistically skeptical

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