Assassin’s Creed Mirage News & Exclusive Info (Story, Stealth, Parkour, Assassinations) (AC Mirage)

Assassin’s Creed Mirage has been finally shown to the world and in this video we are going to discuss all the news and information we could gather! Subscribe to our channel 👉

In the video we are going to discuss our main character Basim, the setting of the game, which includes Baghdad but also the Hidden Ones fortress of Alamut, the focus on stealth, parkour and assassinations, and much much more!

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Context Assassin’s Creed Mirage
01:22 Basic Mirage Information
02:01 Historical Setting and Dating Issue
02:54 Characters & Story
06:17 Hidden Ones Story & Traditions
06:48 Baghdad and Alamut
08:45 Stealth News
10:09 Enkidu, Our New Eagle
10:49 Parkour News
11:39 Assassinations News
12:27 Release Window & Editions


AC 1 Gameplay via @WildGamerSK :

Assassin’s Creed Gameplay by @DKGames :

Blowpipe video via @TmarTn2 :

Rush Assassination video via @Markus Maximus :

Aquila heliaca picture via Sumeet Moghe (CC BY-SA 3.0):

AC2 parkour via @Jcers :

Unity Black Box mission footage via @TheHiddenOne:

Shoreh Agdashloo Message via @SpottinGames :


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  1. i hope theres coop like in unity, i still play unity to this day its that good, put the glitches aside every game has them, but overall the game is a true assassin game and the coop is just awesome.

  2. If everyrhing we know is true I will love this game. Also I want to explore Alamut. I hope it is possible. And also the story with Loki and the Isu temple below Alamut. Oh there is so much potential for a juicy story

  3. Will there be a video about your interview?

  4. So if he had a similar suit to altairs when why did he change to the Valhalla suit?

  5. I'm so glad that actual assassin's creed might actually be coming back, not another kill everything you see in broad daylight with an ass blasting weapon.

  6. Will the game make people with tan olive skin and light olive skin and people with coloured eyes and have their own features or is it like racist hollywood indian actors as iraqis which is stupid and racist

  7. Just saw ur video attachment with Jor Raptor on the valhalla starting screen well done access the Animus 😊 👍

  8. Could you please let us know just 99 more times that you got to look at a 'special powerpoint presentation' for Mirage? 💩

  9. You read that name exactly right ! Its ALAMUT….. it's the main and also the first fortress of hashaashioon( assassins ) which is in iran( persia ) …and it's an ancient persian name which means bird's nest….im so happy that finally they built this game about alamut which is in ghazvin (a City in iran)….and also basim(باسم) means good looking or someone who smiles(it's also a Persian name but also in arabic language it means boy)

  10. I'm finally excited about assassin's Creed games again!

  11. I think we know the greatest tragedy of all is now matter what we do in this game nor how much we achieve…it gets all erased and forgotten as Basim is consumed by Loki. Nothing scarier than to have someone/something take over your body and reduce you to nothing, yet we see it all the time with dementia and schizophrenics

  12. fuck rpg assassins #ubisoft
    we want old assassin franchise
    we dont need lava wolf or big snake….

  13. Let's all just hope they get rid of the rpg mechanics, it worked well for origins but they clearly shit themselves currently with the rpg elements

  14. I hope they gone Do classic modern day too. As a lil send off for that part of the series or as a showcase of the md Team they hope they have now for Infinity

  15. I'm very Excited for Assassin's Creed Mirage but I would like to see raw gameplay footage in the coming months of the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. Just saying.

  16. I hope this will not be a CPU taxing game.😆

  17. Thank you so much for making this video! I'm very cautiously optimistic but it's hard to not be excited…this has great potential and even if the execution isn't very good I'm still in love with the setting.
    I noticed they replaced Basim's VA from Carlo Rota to Lee Madjoub, an interesting decision but I'm happy they went with an Arab voice actor. So happy to have a game in Iraq 🇮🇶

  18. Honestly the news made me feel a type of way 😩

  19. Just let me smoke bomb on command again dammit

  20. The Eagle should have arabic name

  21. this is just cash grab fan service
    the ones after this will still be rpg

  22. when will Ubisoft understand that "game"rs want to see "game"play … love the new settings .. Mirage, Jade, Red, and especially Hexe .. but show us what you have or dont waste our time ^^ (sry for being salty ..)

  23. With all the news and info this is going to be a great game

  24. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine CountryGirll.Space Brünette und eine andereg Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

  25. Does anyone think the creature at the end was a jinn?

  26. Cool! I’m gonna wait to see gameplay until i make a choice to pre order/buy it

  27. Getting major Altair vibes here…especially the outfits, setting and that feather thing post Assassination at the end…that was like Altair in AC1…
    Had one not know it was Basim and the time period…one could have said it was Altair fighting atop the scaffoldings at the tower construction site…
    Can’t wait

  28. Can u give us some information about the combat system? If u have any???

  29. I am really excited for the game. The information we just got are promising.
    By the way, it's expected to have no gameplay reveal directly after a cinematic trailer (it's too soon for that).
    Looking forward to hearing and watching more about the game 🤍

  30. Hope the assassin's focus plays out like the mark and execute mechanic from splinter cell

  31. Far fetched theory for figure at the end of trailer:
    So the end of Valhalla, we have have Loki fully conscious in Basim’s body. I’m guessing we will have him present day in the animus as Basim’s younger self in Baghdad, pre Loki awakening. Now where the story in Baghdad goes and if it ends up with the tragedy that awakens Loki remains to be seen.

    So a being, Loki/Basim is now for the first time (started in Valhalla) using the animus to experience their own history. Now animus is pretty much dna scifi, but mix that with the ever expanding ISU technology lore and the fact we’re always jumping through time, what if there are repercussions?

    I’m thinking some kind of Harry Potter dementors meets DC black racer that Basim has after him thanks to Loki or maybe the work of some other ISU.
    I’m probably no where near correct

    Orrrrr it’s a future ghost of Basim’s personality haunting him in the past now that Loki has control.
    I don’t know lol, the brains gonna keep turning

  32. I honestly just hope they fix the micro transactions leveling system (getting rid of both) and the combat. Those imo are the biggest problems in assassins creed now.

  33. Maybe the game will start 20 years before but will go forward in time to when basim is trained and gets his hidden blade as an assassin 9 years later

  34. Finally they are going back to the roots… They tried that with Origins and it was acutally pretty good. But then they strayed off the path with Odyssey and Valhalla that were more RPGs in world of AC but lost its namesakes identity. So lets hope it works this time. (And please for the love of god no mircro-transactions in a singleplayer game…)

  35. They better have Arabic dub in this game and not skip it like the rest of the series. After seeing that games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man have Arabic dub, Ubisoft's excuse that it's too difficult is not applicable anymore.

  36. Do u think there will be any Isu content like loki related or some isu era visions or something?

  37. I am excited to return to Iraq and old Persia but I’m not gonna be too excited

  38. It's no surprise you trolls are never happy.. even though this is literally everything u asked for.

    All down the comments is bitching and moaning even though this is perfect, for what you wanted anyway..
    But tbh as a valhalla fan, this looks like Alladin Meets Prince of Persia to me 😆

  39. U said u didn't know what Basim was talking about in valhalla.. access the Animus.. but he's already said that! 🙄 he said to Eivor his best friend betrayed him, and "took all he had" meaning his son.. and he was referring to Odin!!! Cos he was already Loki then

  40. I really liked your participation in the 15th anniversary documentary of the Franchise thank you for all your video

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