Assassin’s Creed® Unity: Parkour Gameplay

I know many of you are waiting for my movie, and it will still be a while as you can see I’m still playing the game, but I wanted to upload a short video showing off the improved parkour in ACU. This is easily my favorite gameplay improvement. I also particularly love the city and the graphics.

Assassin’s Creed® Unity


  1. No difference from a shinobi_ Awesome, but I think in real life the people of streets would have chased him or alteast they could be curious about such a person_

  2. GRAVITY : You can't Jump Higher or fly without my PERMISSION


  3. Сен немен оинаисын

  4. I want to download this game but he want 46 gb😔

  5. They jump so much from building to building I wonder if they ever broke their legs

  6. Uhmmm mister can u buys me ac regue for ps3

  7. I am french Google traduction Merci pour cette vidéo tes le meilleurs assassin

  8. Unreal game unreal parkour… Like syndicate, syndicate need spiderman in name

  9. Bruh it’s a game even call of duty is cartoony

  10. Who search for this because they love parkour?

  11. This Is My Favorite Cuz This Viz Enter My Chilhood 🙂

  12. I want to play this game but I don't know site ..pls give the site to download

  13. Other ; You see assassin,s creed unity gameplay
    Me; No.i see sky jumping gameplay

  14. Assassin's creed unity parkour sucks

  15. Bueno en assessin Creed 2 no hay casa:-)

  16. I am playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood on 2020… I say the Parkour is really different, especially on Syndicate. Is it because I'm used to the parkour of Brotherhood?

    When Ezio does that, he will be definitely take out about 5 health square.

  17. Send this videos link in the discretion

  18. I am astonished at the 3,000 who did not like the video

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