Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Paris Free Roam Parkour (4K 60FPS)

Watch the awesome new free roam parkour gameplay (in 4K 60FPS) through the city of Paris in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris.

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  1. Pov you just got the games and youre looking it up

  2. is this game woth buying? i am thinking about it for a long time but idk the new AC´s dont impress me. Does anyone know when the next ac game comes out?


  4. It's a shame parkour went from Unity's realistic parkour to bunny hopping

  5. 3:57 This guy : "Yeah, thats enough for this segmen."
    *See the slide rope
    This guy : "Yet, still have to satisfied myself."

    XDD Nice video btw.

  6. A lot of people like unity and I really do to but considering my first game was as 3, my favourite combat and parkour game was syndicate. Might have been me but I felt unity’s combat was slow and focused to much on gadgets and how much you had

  7. You might these recent releases are good games but they have nothing related to assassin creed franchise, the original essence of the game has been lost somewhere

  8. This is the super duper fabulous game I really love it 🙏🙏😊😊

  9. I dunno what this is, but it’s certainly not Assassin’s Creed.

  10. Everyone is like saying old ones are dog shit and boring. Dude! The story in the newer ones are even more boring. The Ezio trilogy up to Kenway line made me love the game. AC stopped at Black Flag for me. What happened to being stealthy and hiding in the shadows with a hood? I'm not to judge, I know.

  11. Last ac game i saw was unity and now the characters are so bulky

  12. Want to know my opinion? Unity has the best parcour, but Valhalla isn't bad. Not in the slightest. It's only not great COMPARED TO THE OTHERS.

  13. Imagine if they remastered unity with gfx like these on consoles. Unity needs better textures, draw distance, AA, higher resolution and framerate. That'd be perfect.

  14. Me to AC Parkour: My darling, my love. Look what they've done to you

  15. Why is the map so lifeless, there isnt or barely anyone even around the map, just a guy in a big coat parkouring

  16. He is like an old retired man trying to become an assassin

  17. Wtf, no ambient music ??Did you turned it off for copyright issues or they didn't included any music

    Ac without ambient music is not an AC, I can bet this exploration might get boring after few minutes if there is no music present at all

  18. no enemies.. it looks like a ghost town.. at least in AC unity, it was very crowded, lively, people were doing things, you could tell it was a living breathing city.. there were enemies everywhere..

    AC Valhalla you end up running around and fast travelling everywhere just to find enemies do have some mele fights.. Then you realize there were only 4 enemies and you end up searching for more..

  19. Look at the cape physics 😢 wtf ubisoft talk about lazy development

  20. AC Valhalla is a very good game.. just not an Assassin's Creed game

  21. What's good in this game except graphics ?

  22. Could someone tell me how to unlock this outfit from eivor

  23. I will never play this game only because of those weird ass cape physics

  24. looks like guts when he accidentaly murdered a children thinking that it was a guard

  25. I cant believe how Ubisoft managed to make the city feels empty after more than 15yrs of experience in creating assassins creed cities with full of life. It feels like a 3D city walkthrough.

  26. this is how are grandparents went to school

  27. weight on rope physics have been around since at least super mario sunshine. they couldn’t make the clotheslines react to his weight even just a little bit? the game is beautiful but it lacks polish.

  28. Ilove your channel guys(;
    Iwould love to see some old ac content from you
    Inoticed parkour is not that bad in valhalla we still have side eject paths in the way!
    And you can be creative with them

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