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  1. Never expected you to play this type of content i like it 😀

  2. now i want to install good old 1.6 and play kz maps

  3. I just watched this video so you would get a bit of money x3

  4. Oblivion play pubg, with you playing it would be pretty epic

  5. I feel uncomfortable watching this with my eyes closed

  6. Wait… you now have to FUCKING PAY for mods on the new shit csgo?
    I give up of this fucking shit called valve….

  7. You should play some horror games XD That would be priceless

  8. 15 minutes of "UUUUUGH" "AAAAAAH" "EEEEEEHHHH"

  9. My mum came into my room shouting what's wrong when the scare happened

  10. KZ are servers in counter strike that are for advanced players

  11. "this is actually really intense" I hear the moaning mate, i believe you

  12. Hope you do some more but I gotta warn you as a professional kreedzer that there are far more techniques than the shown ones in the tutorial. In fact I dont like the tutorial map for this game since it brings almost zero skill and understandment of the game for newbies.Obviously you had some previous skill and you enjoyed it more.

  13. If you close your eyes through the vid

    It sounds like someone's having sex

  14. Hey wanna play some kreedz climb with me oblivion

  15. Reminds me of CS Go Bhop. I can't seem to stay on the rail. xD

  16. Ahhh, ahhh , ahhhh , ahhh end video. Nice….

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