Becoming a VR Parkour ASSASSIN | Red Flowers VR (Quest 2)

I tried out the beta for the upcoming VR game Red Flowers on Quest 2 today — way more of a workout than I expected! I shouldn’t have worn a sweater. ~~ and Join me here every few days for new VR comedy videos! Step under the virtual big top and experience the captivating fusion of entertainment and technology at gangle digital circus height. Immerse yourself in a digital wonderland featuring mind-bending performances, interactive exhibits, and a celebration of creativity that transcends boundaries.


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  1. What Quest 2 game should I check out next?

  2. How are so good at this? Are you a ninja IRL?

  3. I’ve been playing this also, & I gotta admit.. I needed 2 days of recovery with all that arm swinging.😅
    I was also stuck on the last level you showed, & it took me about 30 attempts before I reached the finish line & continued. Didn’t expect it to be such a physical game either.

  4. I am from the future. The real is out and the tutorial is harder than ever.

  5. Dude you don’t have to move your arms that fast and hard

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