Best 10 PARKOUR Games To Play In 2023 (PC, PS4, PS5, XO, XSS, XSX, GS, NS)

Hi guys, Welcome to my Youtube channel.Traversing in video games is important. Some video games make the traversing pretty key and it becomes one of the main talking about features for the video game. In this video, we’re going to be highlighting the best video games that offer some fun parkour maneuvering. Whether they are simple side-scrolling platformers to be big open-world AAA releases, these are some of the best video games you can pick up right now. If you have played these games tell me your opinion and if you think some games are missing please tell me in comments. As always please do not forget to like and SUBSCRIBE.

00:00 Intro

00:29 Ghostrunner (2020)
Platform(s):PS4, PS5, XO, XSX, XSS, NS, PC

01:23 Watch Dogs 2 (2016)
Platform(s): XSS, XSX, XO, PS5, PS4, PC, GS

02:20 Cyberpunk 2077 (2020)
Platform(s): XSS, XSX, XO, PS5, PS4, PC, STADIA

03:12 Refunct (2015)
Platform(s): XSS, XSX, XO, PS5, PS4, PC, NS

03:56 Assassin’s Creed Unity (2014)
Platform(s): XSS, XSX, XO, PS5, PS4, PC, STADIA

04:49 Dishonored 2 (2016)
Platform(s): XSS, XSX, XO, PS5, PS4, PC

06:04 Severed Steel (2022)
Platform(s): PC, PS4, XO, XSX, XSS, PS5, NS

07:04 Infamous Second Son (2014)
Platform(s): PS4, PS5

07:49 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (2016)
Platform(s): PS4, PS5, XO, XSS, XSX, PC

08:55 Dying Light 2 (2022)
Platform(s): PS4, PS5, XO, XSS, XSX, PC, NS


  1. Great list and great showcase of good parkouring in each game. Only one I might add is Warframe.

  2. ah yes,my favorite parkour game WATCHDOGS 2

  3. My patato pc: Sike!! That's the wrong number 😂

  4. if cyberpunk had wallrunning /mirror's edge level parkour it'd be amazing

  5. There is an another good parkour game which is in development, it's called karlson, in it you have to escape a facility covered up by lies about the fact that they are just a milk making company, you play as, well karlson!😅 you have a set of weapons you need to use to defeat enemies as well some badass parkour skills like wall running and sliding, there is a grappling hook too! Which also works as a katana which you can swing, or hook on to an enemy and kill them! Can you escape from the facility? Can you survive the evil robot enemies? Find out in karlson! Which will release…. nobody knows when…😢 but there is a very alpha version of the game you can get today! It's really early though! Also here is the trailer:

  6. I'm playing Free Running the ps2 game,it's an awesome but clunky game, i wish someone made a remade that game without the bad cameraand clunkyness in general, because it has it all,climbing, freestyle, running and also great levels carefuly crafted,but unfortunately it's so dated and it was already a dated game when it releasedback in the days, but you should deffinitely emulate it nowadays, running 4k widescreenmakes a lot of difference, unfortunately, the 25 fps are still locked tho, a 60 fps patch in that game would make itmuch more enjoayble

  7. As for someone who died over 300 times in ghostrunner to complete the story all I have to say is that the game is extremely fun and fast going but it can also be annoying and make u rage but that what’s build mentality u gotta find the proper solution and find mistakes in your plays to execute every part in ghostrunner perfectly

  8. Great List! Your channel is really a hidden gem!

  9. great video ngl this deserves more attention, great picks and description of the games

  10. Really underrated channel bro you deserve more

  11. You and your games that you are telling me bro where is a free game

  12. Thanks for the information. Helped me for sure.❤

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