BEST Fortnite Parkour Map for Battlepass XP #shorts

BEST Fortnite Parkour Map for Battlepass XP
Use Creator Code “JDuth96” in Item Shop #EpicPartner

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BEST Fortnite Parkour Map for Battlepass XP

Fortnite Battle Royale
Fortnite Creative
Fortnite Deathrun
Fortnite Default Deathrun
Fortnite Creative Code
Fortnite Deathrun Code
Fortnite Default Deathrun Code
Fortnite JDuth

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  1. eu zerei esse mapa ate os bonus level e nao ganhei nem 1 de xp

  2. do not look down






    🦵 🦶

  3. cheese and ham toastie with a side of pickle says:

    Thanks for the nonexistent xp I did the whole map and no xp

  4. I’ve been playing about a hour to get xp and I got nothing😭

  5. I just started fortnite, got a dub in both matches I played, and now wanna do parkour

  6. I’ve been playing when u released it

  7. Where is the XP I didn’t get any thing 😅😢

  8. Fac your game at 250 its hard pls delet 8t or I do dislike and report yourap

  9. I just checked How does he get XP probably epic games Removed it

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