BEST OF Parkour VS Normal People In Real Life (PART 2)

BEST OF Parkour VS Normal People In Real Life (PART 2) | Nick Pro


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  1. The damn water got me man I really got thirsty and I couldn’t stop laughing lol

  2. thank you for the bloopers, because they showed not even you are perfect and you too need a lot of practice, that gives me motivation to start training

  3. I like that part you do Halloween

  4. normally being ingured: bruh
    parkour being ingured: what's stopping me from stopping you? B)

  5. Bro only had on jalls or grills 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Hula hoop bloopers was like Spider-Man kicking someone’s head down

  7. Im scared of what he does when he goes to the toilet…

  8. Bro turned into Inosuke while grabbing food 💀

  9. Nick pro what songs
    I like 1 song
    I love 2 song so mush
    I really love 3 song so mush now

  10. yeah i'm sorry but i don't care how much you like parkour, you are NOT gonna be able to focus enough when first waking up to just jump over a rail onto a crash pad unless you lay there for a really long time to let yourself get fully awake

  11. normal people dont understand that guys like us can just control gravity

  12. The injured parkour part is just amazing!

  13. You are a talented man😀😀💝👌👍👍👍💫

  14. I wonder if he could do a handstand backflip it’s when you stand on your hand and do a backflip.

  15. I don't think I would do daily stunts outside of youtube if I could

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