Best Parkour Fails Of The Year 2022!!

The Best Parkour Fails of 2022 – SO FUNNY! Nick Pro


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Thanks to Laws Of Motion for letting me film here! ()


  1. Imagine that pink loopa hoop as a person 💀

  2. i was going to comment that this si not funny but i guess i allready did

  3. offf i was saying it the wholetime hope you are ok

  4. Same Christian Samuels You Nick pro You are the best

  5. I really hope this man doesn’t lose his head one day

  6. On the title I don't know why he like showed himself with a scar on his face I thought he would have a huge scar in his back as an all these his landing on his back

  7. This is blooper I have seen before

  8. It’s actually better to land on our butts because we have a high chance of breaking our ankles when we leather and feet then our butts

  9. They are gonna have to join the Fail Army.

  10. better be professional parkour expert god

  11. No matter how much injuries he got he is still the best

  12. Lets just be honest the worst one is the one in the thumbnail

  13. The way it say “BEST parkour fails” is crazy

  14. Dude is going to die of how many time he falls😂

  15. I hope he was ok after all of these

  16. Ohh fuck those falls must have fucking hurt

  17. I guess these were painful… Keep Jumping, Nick! We love you!

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