Best Parkour Games 2020| Top 10 Parkour Games to play in 2020

Parkour games are a type of video games which involve movements or actions such as running, jumping, vaulting, rolling and many more by the protagonist character, who can be alone or along with other co-characters. Therefore, this video shows the top 10 best Parkour games available for you to play right now in 2020.

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Gameplay Videos Credits
• Sleeping Dogs Epic Parkour by Rund Um Games
• Infamous Second Son Parkour by Parkour FreeZone
• Spiderman Parkour by Johnny Blaze Gaming
• Watchdogs 2 Extreme Parkour by Andinoff
• Downward Gameplay by Game Intros & Finales
• Titanfall Parkour by Battle Worms
• AC Unity Parkour by StealthGamerBR
• Mirrors Edge Parkour by GameKiller346
• Dying Light Parkour by AdamHartGaming


  1. fucking idiot what about uncharted saga or siries

  2. Idk why people keep saying infamous second son is parkour it’s really not it’s barely a platformer.

  3. Infamous second son is just a frog jumping

  4. hmm would have been interesting if there was prototype here

  5. Why would you put mirrors edge under dying light

  6. watchdogs 2 have a really great parkour action, I don't know why they take it off in Legion

  7. Sorry but, neither if them is such a pioneer than Mirror´s edge

  8. The dying light is the best of them, a lot of possibilities simply did not show, the character is not pumped to a good level. And in general, this is a real masterpiece of the gaming industry.

  9. Personally, I would consider the combination of "survivor" and parkour in dying light as the best zombie game idea ever. You are never too strong for the zombies to finish you off so there is always more skill to learn and you always have to be ready to run away from those crazy zombies. The "you think you're the boss but you're not" idea just makes the game never get boring.

  10. I personally hate games where you can't see the character… Why do they only show Hands

  11. I wouldn't call Spider-Man a parkour game, but that's just my opinion
    Anyways great video 😀👍

  12. Sleeping dogs is also playable in xnox 360
    You forgot it XD

  13. This sucks. I am trying to look for a parkour game I don’t know about but all these videos keep mentioning the same games I already bet and when there actually is a game I never played before that looks exciting, I can’t play because it’s not on PlayStation. I am not trying to rat on these videos at all I just wonder if someone else out there feels the same way I do.

  14. What the heck?! Titanfall is a top ten parkour game in 2020?? Yeah right..

  15. sleeping dogs . AC unity and watchdogs 2 are the most realistic ones !! mirrors edge and dying light are acceptable in my opinion

  16. Best Parkour game ever is Free Running for PSP and PS2. Fight me for it.

  17. mirrors edge and dying light are probably the only ones id consider parkour the ONLY game you can run up the side of the wall is prince of persia and mirrors edge

  18. where is Freerunning… The Game??? Bullshit list again….

  19. Who came here for Android games😭😭😭

  20. im looking for jumping puzzles like in Destiny 2. Any recommendation?

  21. Why are you choosing the games of different different platforms.
    Please show us the games that are for 1 platform like pc or android.
    And make the separate video for ps4/5

  22. Sleeping dog gameplay was great except for the driving mechanic and the running animation was kinda suck

  23. 彼女も私をパパと呼んでいます says:

    AC unity watch dogs 2 mirrors edge my top 3

  24. that’s titanfall 1 not 2 i can tell from the hud

  25. I've never seen someone playing Spider-Man like this, it looks Amazing!

  26. I wouldn't be surprised if gta was on this such a ridiculous list.

  27. Downward mérite d'être la plus que Uncharted??? 😂 and Titanfall mieux que spiderman au Parkour 🤷🤦

  28. I’m surprised prototype isn’t on here

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