Best Parkour Games 2020| Top 10 Parkour Games to play in 2020

Parkour games are a type of video games which involve movements or actions such as running, jumping, vaulting, rolling and many more by the protagonist character, who can be alone or along with other co-characters. Therefore, this video shows the top 10 best Parkour games available for you to play right now in 2020.

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Gameplay Videos Credits
• Sleeping Dogs Epic Parkour by Rund Um Games
• Infamous Second Son Parkour by Parkour FreeZone
• Spiderman Parkour by Johnny Blaze Gaming
• Watchdogs 2 Extreme Parkour by Andinoff
• Downward Gameplay by Game Intros & Finales
• Titanfall Parkour by Battle Worms
• AC Unity Parkour by StealthGamerBR
• Mirrors Edge Parkour by GameKiller346
• Dying Light Parkour by AdamHartGaming


  1. Unity had the best parkour shit was so fun running through France. Also watch dogs 2 needs to be higher cause he’s doing actual free running moves

  2. prototype's parkour system was much much and way better than infamous second son

  3. Only 2 games I think in this whole world that have the best parkour that games have to offer would be Dying Light and Assassin's Creed Unity. It's funny how we live in a world where "Sleeping Dogs" is considered a game from 2020, lol.

    Some games in this list shouldn't even be here. Like inFamous has no rhyme no reason to be there. Same goes for Watch Dogs and Downward. Downward is basically a Dying Light wannabe.

  4. I am glad thau made this video…THank u very much 🙂

  5. Hopefully Storror's parkour game is going to be good.

  6. el de infamous no cuenta como parkour, el parkour es un arte no dar solo saltos,
    sino por que existe los brincolines y no les pusieron perkourlines.

    no solo se trata de saltar…

  7. I didn't think infamous second son is for this list character is just jumping in a same style😭😭

  8. Pucha polayega….. Hame rulayega…..muje rulayega……kundiyill appi undo???

  9. For watch dogs yes and sleeping dogs buff

  10. Second son? Heh more like flying rather than a parkour

  11. My top three would be
    Jet Li:Rise To Honor
    Mirrors Edge,Catalyst

  12. List should actually be called "Top 10 Best Games With Parkour In Them", because until Storror Parkour Pro comes out, there aren't any "parkour games"

  13. I don't think infamous deserve a place in this list… He is just like floating around I mean.

  14. Secon Son: C'mooon, it's funny to call that a parcour 😀

  15. for me Sunset Overdrive is the best Xbox one game, it's just perfect, yet very underrated

  16. Watch dogs 2 is best modern world parkour game and it’s parkour is better than watch dogs ligen

  17. Titan fall? Thats not parkour, its just wall running.

  18. Most of these aren’t even parkour games. with sleeping dogs you you do parkour if you getting a collectible or the game force you to to proceed through the game

  19. Infamous 2 and 1 are better the second son

  20. Infamous Second Son??????? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  21. the watchdogs 2 parkour moves is just so unnecessary dude… the dude is just a poser

  22. I shouldn't of sold ac unity😔

  23. Mesmo com esses jogos incríveis, sinto falta de um jogo de parkour estilo mundo aberto em terceira pessoa retratando nossa realidade atual.

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