BEST PARKOUR GAMES IN DREAMS!?! | Dreams PS4 – Mirror’s Edge & True PK/FR Cove

Hello guys and welcome to Dreams… this is basically a game that let’s you do almost anything and make almost anything, in today’s video I will be showing off Dreams a little more and showing what I have found so far that I LOVE, in today’s video we will be playing two amazing parkour games inside of Dreams, one based off Mirror’s Edge and another off real parkour, now sit back and as always enjoy the video!!

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  1. These games have been updated and are less buggy true pk is now a franchise and they’ve released 5 of them, play the fifth one and it’s gonna be amazing.

  2. Now there is an even newer version of the game to play! Its public and super fun and polished now. Would love for you to play it now!

  3. I can’t find the game on taking them to

  4. Oh my freaking god! The mirrors edge looks so good

  5. I have suggestion there a story game its
    like undertale it's called fracture tale its really good it's made by Shadow the one that made the naruto game.

  6. Good video my dude keep it up dropped a like for you dude! Could I get a opinion of my channel!!

  7. Do you mean the game on the psp free running

  8. You’re going to have so much more fun with the new version!

  9. I have a beta ready for testers. Send me a message here or @parkourgameclips for access to the new mechanics!

  10. Just play the real mirrors edge all these other games are hideous

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