BEST VR PARKOUR GAME EVER!!! | STRIDE [Early Access – Endless Mode]

Hello everyone and welcome too Stride, one of my new favourite VR games. This game is what if you took Mirrors Edge and made it an endless runner for VR, it’s amazing and as I say alot in this video SO COOL… Now as always, sit back, relax and “hopefully” enjoy the video!!

#STRIDE #SrideVR #MirrorsEdgeVR

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  1. Closer to 100k every day keep up the good work

  2. Any one else think this is just VR Karlson

  3. You bring me tons of joy with you Minecraft vids

  4. When ever you said you can choose to kill or not kill I immediately thought of undertail

  5. I thought butter couldn’t be cooler until I found out he does parkour

  6. This is just Mirrors Edge in VR and I love it

  7. I can’t believe that the tutorial was so hard even his breath was exhausted

  8. Woah, I never thought that Butter does parkour… Everyday we do learn something new, indeed…
    Also, I never uderstood the whole "wallrun" thing. Like, how is it even possible in the first place? Is it possible in real life?
    Also×2, I am eagerly waiting for special vr "playsets" to be released in public, you know, those platforms you can see in malls, but with some kind of fixation pole, so you can run and jump irl to run and jump in the game. Complemented with the whole body tracking (and not the "controllers" thing, I am talking about the real bodysuit full-tracking), this would be the absolute best way to play games!
    Although, I guess that then it will cost really much, so only millionaires would be able to afford such playset…

  9. When are u going to do zendoria ep 10 i really miss it please

  10. Ive watched WolfInVr play this yesterday and you got top 500 on one of the first runs? Hoo boy!
    Having irl experience definetly helps but still!

  11. Quick tip, every time you play this think "Can't stop, wont stop" Because if you can't hit it, just run cause you do end up just stoping dead in your tracks thus why the wall catches up so quickly. Now during the easy mode I understand if you want to do it then but otherwise I suggest you just don't at all.

  12. Not too long ago you had 17k subs I'm happy for u

  13. Troy i know you're name now this game is awesome

  14. no doubt that is the coolest VR game ive ever seen

  15. troy please dont use the quest for your thumbnails i got so happy

  16. You can just let go of the gun, you don't have to put it back on you're shoulder

  17. I love your videos keep it up exactly dragon block c/ super

  18. after few day's of playing this you'll automatically know how to parkour

  19. What is the name of the game pls tell me ill buy it

  20. sadly i cant get this game bc i dont have steam 😕

  21. This is the perfect game for me but I have psvr

  22. Im gonna get a vr in 3 days and im shiting myself

  23. Is he playing on oculus and if he is which one

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