Beton Brutal – Scale a Brutalist Megatower in a High-Stakes Parkour Game with God-Tier Level Design!

Beton Brutal – Scale a Brutalist Megatower in a High-Stakes Parkour Game with God-Tier Level Design!

Beton Brutal is available now on Steam:



  1. The music feels way to up-beat for what should be a very stressful experience.

  2. This looks like a beautiful game to PARCOUR through, but is also a nightmare to fall down XD. Authentic parcour exp, i guess.

  3. everything about this game has a special charm to it, i really enjoyed this one

    if i had 1 complaint, i feel the music shouldve been much more random or should start when the vertigo meter hits certain ammounts, so that there could be more moments of atmospheric silence

    some atmospheric tracks to contrast the high energy ones would go a looong way too

  4. Kind of reminds me of those minecraft path runs (idk what they're called).

  5. Considering the in-game clock suddenly jumps 2 hours, I think the game INTENDS on dunking on you. I feel for you, those jumps started making my legs involuntarily twitch at about that point in the progress…

    Thanks for sharing this one with us! Bought it right away when I saw how incredibly well a very mechanically simple concept was pulled off.

  6. Wow, incredible art style! Seems just the right difficulty too

  7. And this was a horror game….Can't believe they add horror elements.

  8. Beton Brutal means "Brutal Concrete" in Bahasa Indonesia

  9. Wouldnt "god tier level design" be like…..the whole universe?

  10. Brings me back to all of the Minecraft Parkour Maps which are quite popular. It's really really cool!

  11. Mirror’s Edge…now with Vertigo!! 🧗🏃😰

  12. Breathtaking game. If this is ever released in VR it's going to get banned after the second or third heart attack.

  13. By far the scariest game you’ve posted on this channel 😰 I had to take a break and come back lol

  14. Absolutely LOVE this brutalist architecture in VG ("NaissanceE", "Kairo" / "Lorn's Lure", etc.), always giving a very special feeling.

  15. I have soft spot for brutalist design with nature taking over. It fills the portal shaped hole in my portal shaped heart.

  16. Is there a liminal space x parkour game where you are chased by the thing?

  17. After watching this video, I'm convinced ABG is some sort of Renaissance Man but for game playthroughs. Even though there are some obvious cuts, these are still some ridiculously snappy parkour moves.

  18. Interesting concept of how going "backwards" doesn't equal to undoing the progress. A player thats too focused with going upwards might insist on a path that's not correct, while dropping a few meters down may be the best option. Makes you wonder what else we are being stubborn about without considering ourselves

  19. Very nice. Let's see Talia Al Ghul's attempt.

  20. "Sometimes going back is the only path forward" -some guy, probably

  21. Loving the sound-design on this one! The little plaps of steps, impacts of landings, little whoosh of jumps, rustle of leaves as you brush them, and even the little scuffs and scrapes of hands and feet. Chef's kiss.

  22. this is the kind of stuff that would be amazing to speedrun!

  23. Portal 2 + Geometry Dash = Beton Brutal

  24. this feels like a DREAMS PS5 project tbh

  25. this is not parkour.
    no wall run/jump. cant grab onto ledges.
    this is just basic platforming

  26. Who knows, at what hеight the "end" is?😑

  27. Looks likehe took a KZ map from CS bhop, removed 90% of the skill required and then susbtituted the difficulty somewhat by making it into first person Jump King.
    Coule be fun for a bit.

  28. Definitely looks like minecraft physics, but I wish there was more weight to the movement than minecraft. The way sprinting has no gradual acceleration is nauseating.

  29. Damn that fall at 19:54 that took you 2 hours to get back to that same spot must have sucked haha

  30. The music absolutely wrecks the atmosphere


    may they rip

  32. editing so good you only see it because of the timer

  33. Someone should probably tell ABG that you can use Shift to sneak around narrow ledges. Esp. around 17:00, my nerves!
    …And God-Tier level design is practically an understatement. Every part of this game feels deliberate and thought out, if in the most challenging and vertigo-inducing way possible.

  34. At first i looked at it and thought: "Why is this movement looks so familiar"
    Then I realized that they're really nailed these Minecraft movement mechanics and physics.

    Also the level design took some inspiration from Minecraft such as the ladders and fixed-sized blocks

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