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  1. The earth - the downgrade of zawarldo says:

    this game is a game if you dont play once per 2 days. you forget about for the next year


  3. Imagine myth busting your own shoulder pal

  4. the SLJ myth works better with more lag for some reason (for me it works best at 5-7 fps but i didnt test the other ones (and yeah i play at 5-7 fps most of the time but rarely i get up to 16~ fps))

  5. You can slide backwards if you drop dash then speed vault I think

  6. I recommended to add buying point multiplyer by collecting coins or some currency whilst exploring but they told me i was dumb and its a stupid idea look at them now got greedy for money but ig the game needs to make profits more

  7. im pretty sure you can slide backwards if you initiate a slide forwards and flick your camera 180 degrees

  8. when hes on first person why doesnt he see his limbs? it happens to me too someone tell me how to fix this

  9. I just started today and my mate did the flying glitch with me so I could get up buildings so you can do it if your on a wall

  10. Once i slid backwards, i dont remember how i think i did a magrail dash with a backwards input and slid but i cant do it again for some reason

  11. i don't see what ppl like abt this boring ass game

  12. On the adren paraglider one try popping adren first

  13. lol this is really cool! sadly i probably couldnt do much stuff like this, bc my cursor always goes out the window and either closes roblox or freeze my screen.

  14. If press alt and F4 at same time you get 99999999999999999 subs

  15. Hey man don’t forget to pray and remember jesus loves you he died on the cross for you repent if you don’t know how to search it up like this how can I repent how can I be save by God. Make sure to have faith in him and trust him and have a relationship with him<

  16. I recently got into this game cuz I realized it was available for Xbox and I love to learn stuff i didn’t know before about a game and this just makes me smile

  17. how to gearless fallcancel and it work with any high?

  18. wait what are u the guy from cw ifu dont remember me its me AverageRobloxGamer

  19. on the speed limit one he went up to 270/280

  20. Bro I clicked every button on the computer I don't know how to use string jump

  21. On myth 25 you can press w+s then after s immeadilaty slide it looks like ur pressing q but no after stopping s u can slide without any movement keys -daniel and feature my comment

  22. I have a question:
    If you select glowing glove, then Evo, then put on a globe skin and put on your normal glove, can you skin the high level gloves? I know it works in some moddeds.

  23. Myth# 31 we can long jump backward at the edge (if you try)

  24. In parkour modded if you equip ark glove and press k idk what

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