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  1. how did you know that the spring did bounce you?

  2. Me and my friend still do the flying glitch but we both crouch

  3. "does spring kit boost you higher" naw man I though it turned me into a meatball sub

  4. you can grappler fall cancel in the big prop (is confirmed i try itm this can help you if you no got a ground to fall cancel)

  5. the green pads double your fall height but you need to hit shift

  6. 2:29 bro ur mom just tring to get u to touch sum grass

  7. Bro sliding backwards is possible u just gotta practice it

  8. Im banned from Parkour for being banned before (not an alt) and seeing content creators still play gives me nostalgia

    Also you can conk dash, but its hard as hell.
    Fly glitch is still possible. The reason you get kicked out of it is the hitbox hitting eachother, try using a wall to cover yourself

  9. Yoo I saw you one time in my game you're lvl 528? Right?

  10. how do you have the coordinate and velocity thingy interface or ui on the bottom right corner?

  11. As a magrope user I have done the myth 1# like hundreds of times

  12. Thats why gamers never touch grass u will die

  13. I actually found a cat somewhere near spawn 😅

  14. Wait, Divided. I though you were in the parkour modded yesterday right? i guess i meet you there

  15. the little green pads are there so if you mess up with let’s say a level 4 combo, you can still try to land on them to keep your combo.

  16. So your the one who made the trailer

  17. first myth got… fixed?? I mean, now i take damage during casting the magrope at a certain height

  18. Myth #3 used to work, but then the paraglider got the added base speed which canceled the adrenaline

  19. The flying glitch still works but its just harder mostly u will take dmg and the fall but sometimes it still works


  21. Try putting math.huge or -math.huge on render distance

  22. 4:36 no you can still do the fly glitch. If you do in against a wall and the bottom person crawls you dont take falldamage. I did it with my friend and we climbed the titan tower

  23. Theres a new flying glitch and its random ones you did it you just need to crawl under a person and move around under him then jump up it doesn't work evry time but its usles also you need a gear and a kit on is used the second glove and the first kit

  24. 1:08 its basically a fact not a myth its stated in help that from lvl 2 combo and above there's combo health

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