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What happens when you train gamers to pull off the moves you see in Mirror’s Edge? The OFFICIAL first episode of Game Lab!

For this episode, I asked a professional parkour trainer to show me and some friends from Smosh Games and The Warp Zone how to execute some of the incredible moves from Mirror’s Edge. While our trainer is literally defying the laws of physics and the rest of us are literally falling all over the place in the training room AND on the real streets of Los Angeles, YOU’LL be learning about the mechanics of real-world parkour and how Mirror’s Edge stacks up IRL. After you’re finished seeing how it’s done, step into a Mirror’s Edge 360 video where I brought you along on a Mirror’s Edge mission! ►► [insert 360 link]

A HUGE thank you to Mari and Flitz from Smosh Games, as well as Brian from The Warpzone for facing their fears with me in this episode! You guys were incredible and I know I wouldn’t have been able to attempt these moves without them there. HARDCORE PARKOUR!

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  1. Who would’ve thought this would be matpat a most viewed video

  2. Am I the only one who looked at this channel’s playlists and never knew this existed?

  3. Wait so they’re going to the main parkour event and the black guy puts on doc martens? What the hell dude how dumb are you

  4. Tbh i did ignored this video idk why
    For 5 years

  5. I ignored that video for years and now I know why

  6. The last one really reminds me of Vector parkour game

  7. They are acting like kids from disney jr

  8. I remember when i was 9 i cold not do Parkour now after 3 years i can easily do this stuff like i now can balance myself and be confident and once i almost fell and almost got hurt at my head but i could easily grip on and safely did what i wanted to do now i am 12 and my freinds call me a parkour god so now i am proud of myself.

  9. Finally watching this. Not upset about it shoulda watched years ago 😕

  10. I see we only selected gamers with high metabolisms for this challenge.

  11. There is always a word "evil is loud"… this is how we can see that they more scream than do – like clowns 🙃

  12. I really like that mic 15 seconds into the video. Does anyone know what mic they used or any mics that sound similar? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  13. i finally clicked 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. I never wanted to watch this. But man, I finally done it

  15. huh, this got recommended

    might as well watch it again

  16. I ignored this 5 years, so MattPatt has been ignored 10 years

  17. Can matpat make a video about uncharted which can be like a parkour treasure hunt or something

  18. Is always that one person when everyone has an outfit stylist to like a experienced person but then that one person just has a sweater

  19. the instructor sounds like cisco from the flash

  20. YouTube reds logo has not changed. Neither has mat pat

  21. Lol mat patt custome is that 1 guy u meet at start of catalyist baby deer guy is nomad

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