Can we make it to the TOP OF THE TOWER in Roblox Parkour Tower?

We thought this would be impossible but can ONE OF US reach the TOP OF THE TOWER?
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  1. Can you guys do more adopt me videos and race each other to the top of the towers videos please

  2. I already beat thise 23 Times rip i didnt get a sword

  3. Someone make a compilation of djs screams

    Chizeld: 👍

  4. Your doing a sans thing,you got a bone to pick,brite

  5. Hi guys it’s me Qxeenbella helped DJ and I said hi!

  6. 3.5k likes away, we still don’t know the bone

  7. Them: thinking the dislikes are from people thinking it is a clone

    Me: we all know those are dislikes from the 9 year olds who don’t like things if it isn’t easy enough for them

  8. Use star ode br ite i think that’s there starcode

  9. I love obbys so much and i pracktis obbys and I’m good

  10. Sħɇłɨɇ Ɍøƀłøx Ⱥnđ Møɍɇ says:

    Your videos r so cool keep up the work

  11. If I was in a race with Sabrina or DJ I would beat them so easily in this game

  12. I go halfway through obby then put flag down then do the rest of the obby and when I’m done with the obby I respawn at my flag and I go back to the flag pick it up go do the obby because I know how to do the obby. You should try my strategy

  13. So what is the games in rb battles 3?!?!?!……………………
    (I need help with the the two games)

  14. Dj: it probably be COOL

    Three minutes later
    Dj started screaming of rage

  15. hey when you made this video it was my birthday

  16. ❤ your channel (●’◡’●)ノ

  17. Barthy uincorn Twins-Roblox🍭🍩🦄 🌈 says:

    Dj scramed 564.5t times 😂 LoL

  18. привет мння зовут артём мне 8 лет

  19. We honestly like this game! What do you think?

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