Clustertruck – The Legendary Truck Parkour Game

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Clustertruck part 1 – my absolute favorite platformer. It’s a short but sweet game, here’s some of my favorite moments from it during the VS3. Enjoy! Prepare for adrenaline-pumping action in urban strike online. Blast through enemy lines and emerge victorious!
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  1. landfall did this game didnt they? yunno the guys who made tabs

  2. A VR version of this game would be lethal

  3. "Suck my nuts"
    ~Aliensrock, before getting brutally ran over by 50 trucks

  4. I played through the entire game but could not finish it.

    The visceral rage I went through is unexplainable

  5. You monster drinking out of a cup without the handle disgusting

  6. This is one of those games I will always love but is complete shit at

  7. Can somebody please tell me the name of the song that played at the beginning of Tyler's bloxorz stream?

  8. I remember there being different abilities in this game. Example slowing time.

  9. I really do enjoy watching you play this game, so it would be a gift to see more.

  10. 9:16 you can't not love seeing tyler dodge those evil obstacles and wicked giants wheels.

  11. Ok… Tabs.. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.. PLEASE play this game. I think you would love it as it makes great twitch content via custom units, battles and campaigns..

    What is T.A.B.S? Tabs is a ragdoll physics battle simulator made by landfall games. In 2016 the game was in pre alpha and the prime of twitch and youtube. In 2018 tabs came back from no updates for several years with a completely new style.
    How to play: There are 2 main gamemodes. Campaign and Sandbox.
    The campaign you fight through hundreds of Landfall made battles using strategy and logic (Kinda) there are many different campaigns you can try, some easier than others.
    Sandbox mode is where you pick a map out of many and you use any unit in the hame to create custom battles for your own enjoyment. "But Jp, how does this make good twitch content?" Well my friend i present to you, the unit creator. The unit and faction creator is the tool for endless capabilities in unit design, you can even go to the steam workshop and download other units, factions, campaigns and battles. "Still… whats the twitch content?" Well.. the twitch comtent is the fact that anybody in chat can make custom units or levels for you to play. They can even give you battle reccommendations for some more fun

    I know it sounds like an advertisement for this game but it is honestly one of the best games ive ever played.. having 264 hours into this game i can tell you with 100% honesty that it is one of the silliest yet fun games to play, one of my favourites just below minecraft. Thid game is on steam and by the same developers as this game; Landfall.
    Just search for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and you can find the game on steam. Please play this game because it will be the most fun time you will ever have, with endless content able to be made from this game makes loads of videos and twitch stream for our and your enjoyment.. please aliensrock. Consider T.A.B.S as a game you could play in 2021. Thank you for readung this really long comment but i am really enthusiastic about this game 🙂

  12. You should play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. It's by the same devlopers and is a strategy/puzzle game/

  13. This game was made when totally accurate battle simolater was just in is first stages


  15. I thought you were saying BR and now I’m under the impression a last man standing on this game would be so cool

  16. Always check behind you as on some levels, you can go straight to the goal.

  17. You should play SUPERTRUCK it's Clustertruck combined with Superhot's time mechanics.

  18. "Reject Humanity, become Truck"

    That's me alright.

  19. Lol cluster truck is made by a small indie company. Shows that indie companies can make way better games that AAA games devs.

  20. Ive speedran this game before, but mostly for ingame level times rather than real full game speedrun times. I have some pretty nice leaderboard rankings on a lot of early levels and some pretty nutty paths with grapples and instatrucks.

  21. The funny thing is that the WR for this game is 14m 38s.

  22. The final level is literally Hell.
    And no, I'm not cussing.

  23. have you heard of super truck? (super hot cluster truck combined)

  24. Sentences you do not want to hear when your spaceship lands on a new planet 9:55

  25. Your first request in this has been completed.

  26. me: well, vr clustertruck wouldn't be THAT bad…
    sees ice levels OH GOD

  27. I do in fact believe that cluster truck is getting resurrected and I’m glad 🙂

  28. Would it be fair to call this first person sonic?

  29. The creator of this game looked at car surfing and chuckled.

  30. Finally I have found it the game that every bad YouTuber plays (this does not mean that this channel is bad)

  31. you should probably be made aware that Superhot wasn't originally a vr game, the vr one is a sorta sequel/spinoff

  32. Has anyone talked about the really good music in area 2? That shit is a banger

  33. All the cluster truck music is rocking so far

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