Clustertruck – The Legendary Truck Parkour Game

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Clustertruck part 1 – my absolute favorite platformer. It’s a short but sweet game, here’s some of my favorite moments from it during the VS3. Enjoy! Prepare for adrenaline-pumping action in urban strike online. Blast through enemy lines and emerge victorious!
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  1. The final level of this game still gives me nightmares

  2. SUPER HOT ! is amazing =) trust me you will love them both (i also played vr but i don't own it and its the hrdest off all super hot because you don't slow time as much

  3. watching tyler bob around is almost as entertaining tbh

  4. I wonder how long till the devs find his stream and start to mess with him like they do for lots of big streamers that play this game. That would be hilarious.

  5. Superhot vr is really fun but also incredibly hard the first time around

  6. Tyler you need to play Portal Stories: Mel before playing Portal Reloaded, it's so incredibly good

  7. Watching aliensrock play a fast-paced game is so weird

    Also what the hell he’s sentence case now???

  8. You should play the binding of isaac afterbirth plus!!!!!!

  9. I would love to see u play GNOG i feel it would be a nice 3D puzzle game to see u play

  10. You should try A Story About My Uncle. Favourite platformer, you have a grappling gun and fly around cool looking levels, there's also a couple puzzles.

  11. You could try super truck, where time only moves when you move (like in super hot)

  12. Me a stefan realizing my name is in fact unfun to say

  13. Day 3 of telling people to stop counting

  14. "12 hour stream" "The only thing this game needs is slightly different colored trucks" (So wish the Devs heard that line, they love to show up to Livestreams and mess with the streamers)

  15. POV: You're the imaginary friend that does parkour when a child is bored on a road trip.

  16. Bridges?
    Where we're going we don't need bridges.

  17. I'd love to see a series of this, even if it's only the campaign levels!

  18. If u turn off the song it's will be easier
    Cause the song intase

  19. All my years of CS surfing have finally come to fruition!!

  20. If you love this then you'll love a game called Crumble. AMAZING little game, your welcome.

  21. Holy shit he is playing cluster truck

  22. You should play around with ur dpi and sens in game. Looks like ur mouse is skipping…
    Higher dpi, lower ingame sens should do the trick

  23. Tyler playing a platformer. Who woulda thought

    I know he played Celeste, but still

  24. We both had the same reaction to try to dodge that irl lmao 9:43

  25. Have you tried verlet swing? Its got a similar fealing but you swing around maps with a grappling hook. If you like cluster truck you will probably like that

  26. im REALLY not used to you playing games like this… hard micro in btd is the closest "tense" game ive seen you play lol

  27. tyler, you want a hard platformer? Play donkey kong tropical freeze

  28. This may be your favorite platformer, but mine is Geometry Dash

  29. did you know that there is twitch support for cluster truck?, watch as your trucks become bouncy, thick, or thin and watch as the game becomes definably harder.

  30. Pleaseee play through the whole game its soo good

  31. If you eat Taco Bell before you’re farts can get you through the levels

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