Clustertruck – The Legendary Truck Parkour Game

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Clustertruck part 1 – my absolute favorite platformer. It’s a short but sweet game, here’s some of my favorite moments from it during the VS3. Enjoy! Prepare for adrenaline-pumping action in urban strike online. Blast through enemy lines and emerge victorious!
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  1. Was really hoping a random Dev was watching the stream then go and hack Tyler's game 😂😂

  2. PORTAL RELOADED YES! [and p1&2 :D]
    I wanted you to do portal 2 so long, at least being turned into videos.
    ofc that be a while before you do so, yet ill be exicected once it comes

  3. I can highly recommend to watch a speedrun of this game. I think there is a category without abilities, which is best to see the weird tricks and workarounds the speedrunners use to beat the game. If you want to have an even better experience while watching it I recommend watching a speedrun that was played during an event or a marathon where the developers talked to the speedrunner and livestream through the game, pretty awesome in my opinion.
    If you watch the right run you’ll be able to see that there are modifier, provided by the game, that they, the devs, turned on and of during the run, I believe there are laser trucks, thin trucks and many more.

  4. "I'm a greedy Trump–".
    No, only Trump is a greedy Trump. And he's sinned in other ways, too.

  5. Oh my god yes I remember beating this game a few years ago and it was so fun. Mg favorite thing to do was fling myself off the back of trucks and stay in the air as much as I could.

    I did it on Xbox as well lol

  6. have you heard of super hot x cluster truck? someone made it
    (time slows down when you jump i think)

  7. Dude, I'm broke so I can't do this but could we do something like a go fund me to get Tyler a VR headset?

  8. Tyler: it is possible to triple skip
    Fun fact : it's possible to go backwards and double jump your way to the goal inside the hangar

  9. I mean, if you want a vr headset I might be able to hit you up with one for free. I have an oculus quest with a link cable laying around.

  10. my main experience with cluster truck is when half my year pirated it using eachother

  11. aw HELL YEAH! LOVE this game, finished it already. Last level is a bitch so watch out

  12. Heyyy this game was made by a funnyjunk user iirc!

  13. SuperHot VR is absolutely a ton of fun. You just really need more space to move and dodge than you think you do

  14. You know, SuperHot isn't only VR, it's available on steam and xbox/ps4 as well

  15. yoooooooooo heven't seen this game in years but I love the content that comes from it

  16. Almost no one plays this game anymore so it’s nice to see a 500 IQ person play this

  17. Surprised he didn't turn on the twitch option

  18. Not the game I expected but the game I needed. Good shit Tyler

  19. Oooo, not the game i expected today. A surprise, but a welcome one

  20. To be completely honest I was not expecting to see this again

  21. I can't breathe watching this, and I keep falling out of my chair from leaning

  22. I'm getting motion sickness just thinking about the possibility of this thing in VR

  23. I spent more time on the boss fight level in clustertruck than I did on every single other level in the game.

  24. So glad to see this game being played, been getting into it a lot recently and its been so good

  25. Augmented Reality: Exists
    Virtual Reality: Exists
    Traffic Reality:

  26. Love this game, never pass the last level. Good luck my guy.

  27. The lazerbeam saga on this brings so much nostalgia

  28. It was only a matter of time just like a certain world of goo

  29. Dude definitely get a VR headset and play super hot!!! Oculus quest 2 only $299 and it’s arguably the best headset overall

  30. trusterclucks – incredible fun, but don't play with a controller

  31. Cluster Truck, the best way to get isekai'd or either to dodge the truck only.

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