Clustertruck – The Legendary Truck Parkour Game

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Clustertruck part 1 – my absolute favorite platformer. It’s a short but sweet game, here’s some of my favorite moments from it during the VS3. Enjoy! Prepare for adrenaline-pumping action in urban strike online. Blast through enemy lines and emerge victorious!
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  1. You should check out choice chamber. It’s a cool twitch plays thing, inthelittlewood did a play through one time. It’s cool!

  2. Day 69 (nice) of the petition to bring back the ladder

    Today i enjoyed some classical music at home. Don’t forget crying.

  3. Day 18 of the petition for Tyler to play plants vs zombies eclise mode

  4. Day 3 of the petition for Tyler to play blue maxia games
    (A website that is archiving flash games)
    (Idea from Rhys Jarvis)

  5. Hey do you think you could check out Alan Gogoll’s music for a potential background music choice? He’s got really chill vibes kinda like poly bridge soundtrack and he’s just an awesome dude in general.

  6. The real challenge is trying to play on console

  7. I feel like Tyler is coming out of his comfort zone

  8. Super hyped to see you play clustertruck, its a really fun to watch game and i hope you make it a series

  9. Day 32 of telling Tyler he’s doing a great job

  10. “This should be a win, suck my dick” -Aliensrock 2021

  11. Truck wedge minus the wedge plus more chaos

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