Creating a Semi-Open World For My Parkour Indie Game | Project Feline Devlog #25

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I made a semi-open world for my anime-style parkour game, Project Feline! In this devlog episode we’ll be exploring my level design process, gathering and transforming reference from real-world locations into a fully playable 3-d map. We’ll also be exploring my use of quick and iterative level block-outs to rapidly test design and gameplay. In addition, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how inspriation for storytelling can be found from the mundaneness and beauty in everday life.

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  1. Not sure if youve considered this but maybe link her health to like those boots she has and make those boots her source of power. So 3 hits cause them to stop working making it impossible for her to evade the cops. Creates an in world reason why taking too much damage causes her capture and creates the possibility for maybe making traversal harder the more damage you take (encouraging the player to be more careful) while also maybe giving out some sort of bonus for taking out the drone things as a risk/reward system

  2. Will there eventually have speed boosts or maybe some sort of backflip later in the development? IT LOOKS SO FUN I LOVE MOVEMENT GAMES LIKE THESE!!

  3. I like the direction of the semi open world maps, they seem like fun and allow for easier storytelling to be done. Either way, keep up the good work!

  4. How about incorporating both? And I don't just mean having both type of levels. I mean having linear stages with open world elements like mirror's edge

  5. The animations feel…sprite-like?
    Looks like the body snap into position each frame of the animations. And weirdly, it kinda makes it appealing, but at the same time off.

    I'm confused

  6. I really really liked the game but I think you should work on animations little bit.I know that the low fps animations are a style but at least you can try a high fps animatons

  7. Add an gun and it's sunset overdrive but anime

    And God i love that game

  8. i think you should make her faster. it looks like she is just chillin instead of running for her life

  9. Hey Raymond, I have a small issue with the level design. I suggest that you should make it harder for the player to go up the rails as that is how it works in real life. Otherwise really good progress.

  10. i was late from this project but i’m catching up and i’m liking it

  11. Elon Musk's genetically modified cat girl on the run

  12. You had my undivided attention when I saw the main character is a catgirl

  13. Maybe the linear map could be a tutorial level. This is the first dev log I watched so I don't know much about the game

  14. Even before you showed the reference images I thought it looked a bit like Chatswood

  15. If the game goes semi-open world I’d like to see possibly a class system each with their own unique movement and melee moves with different route for each system kinda like infamous second son

  16. I say go open world. Also what if as an option you could challenge a Npc to a race for like 50 coins while still in the timer as a gamble. Win and you get allot of coins faster. Lose and you wasted your precious time.

  17. Personally, your Character feels more like a brick than a real character.

    This whole thing is amazing so far, and this must of taken a long time to work on.

    However, the animations are way too stiff. When the character lands, her head and torso should drop slightly before springing back up, and when she's grinding on wires, she should do some minor animations to really bring her to life.

    My main concerns within your game is the animations are a bit jarring, but so far the game looks absolutely fantastic! I'll be keeping an eye for when it's available.

    Yeah, this stuff should be much later on, I can't wait to see your dev logs.

  18. The animations of the character seems odd like its wrong for some reason

  19. You can have some linear levels and some open-ended sections, that would make for some interesting scenarios will change the pace

  20. Absoluty amazing man. I can't wait to see the full version, I bet its gonna look to dope!!!

  21. Slide attack adds even more Blade Kitten vibes to it somehow.

    Honestly, semi-open world sounds like a good idea to me. I think you should stick with it

  22. Why not both? For the sake of story, players would love to feel an achievement of going from linear to semi-open. Almost like they themselves are escaping the trials and going into the open world.

  23. I just want to say yes please please go in the this direction! I checked out the update and what can I say . I LOVE IT ,its pretty amazing,it brings back memories of games like sonic the hedgehog and sonic adventure 2 etc .Really raymond,the game is going amazingly ,keep up the good work😁😼👍

  24. i prefer the semi-open world , and a great inspiration is the world from mirrior's edge

  25. Both would be nice to have but semi open world seems better

  26. This story is confusing. The game is great and I am supporting its development, but I can’t really understand. Is Gabby an experiment or a normal person? What happened to the story of Gabby saving her sister? Good job on the game, and maybe I will understand soon enough!

  27. You could always combine linear levels with a more open world style
    making a hub, like she eventually finds her way to a "safe" train station where she returns to after completing the more linear levels (which might open up certain areas of the hub to explore)
    Or make a kind of Mario Odyssey style world, where you have open areas with multiple linear paths going through, but are still somewhat open for exploration/deviation from the path

  28. I will say i like the idea of both. Semi open world, as well as linear.

  29. It would be cool if you added 1 special thing in the open level that is not required for passing the level but optional. I am thinking of an object that gives you 1 extra life only for the next level or so. This object should be well hidden and would increase the replay and exploration value of your level. Players may have to do multiple playthroughs to find it. You can make it that the life is only for the next level, or that you can continously build up your characters hitpoints by finding this thing giving an additional reward.

  30. That's amazing progress. I do have to say that I know you chose to reduce the character's frames per second to mimic actual anime fps, but it's kind of off-putting. Everything except the character is smooth in animation. I feel that some things just don't translate well from one medium to another. I am nowhere near your level, of course, so this isn't a critique.

  31. You're really amazing. I hope to see much more content like this

  32. How were you able to get the supergrid pack into your own project?

  33. Hopefully this game actually just works. I'm really excited for it.

  34. Love the entire project. It's especially encouraging as I am also slogging through solo dev "fun" (well, a lot of it is fun, but . . .). On the maps, why waste assets you've invested time in? Instead, pick one to be the game's "primary play mode" (I lean toward the open maps concept for this, perhaps with a main hub/hideout that Gabby can access different parts as she unlocks improved movement options, so it stays fresh throughout the game), then use the other style map that you've invested time and energy into as "challenge maps". If using the linear maps as challenge maps, you could apply scaling rewards based upon a time-trial completion. Say a "decent" run of the level is 3 min, that becomes the "fail" time limit. If the best time trial testers are able to do on the level is 2:28, then make "Gold" 2:30. Completing a challenge map on Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels can unlock different cool things for Gabby: special moves, costumes, hideout decorations, or maybe some kind of currency that lets players buy rewards they like.

  35. I love watching this game coming together. Just my opinion but I liked the kicking enemies. Simply sliding into them is cheesey, to me anyway. Don't take this the wrong way but even most AAA titles have bad stories. You may want to get some help with the story.

  36. Random question for artists:

    When you draw facial expressions do you make that expression yourself unintentionally for reference

  37. Ghost Runner have a good big map with multiple ways to traverse, which is a good reference point for the semi-open maps but the thing that I feel like lacking is the character weight and momentum, it feels off in a highspeed gameplay.

  38. maybe gabby can have a different move set when in a hub area she can’t wall run or jump as high

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