Creating a Semi-Open World For My Parkour Indie Game | Project Feline Devlog #25

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I made a semi-open world for my anime-style parkour game, Project Feline! In this devlog episode we’ll be exploring my level design process, gathering and transforming reference from real-world locations into a fully playable 3-d map. We’ll also be exploring my use of quick and iterative level block-outs to rapidly test design and gameplay. In addition, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how inspriation for storytelling can be found from the mundaneness and beauty in everday life.

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  1. This game looks sooo sooo wonderful I hope it gets like a real open world so I can just parkour all over the map that would bee sooo cool i hope for the best for your project man keep going!

  2. And this wonderful game tho under development is all created by one man. Raymond you are an inspiration to me

  3. I just realised that I've not at all been paying attention to what he was saying because the Animation style of Gabi is just very good

    also I personally think that a combination of linear and open levels is probably for the best, since it offers a difference in kind compared to all linear courses, which doesn't have any real ability to modulate pace all that well, making all linear levels feel identical (see Sonic Advance 2)

  4. O respectable and hard working developer. You just have to change/tune main character's animations. They look too wonky, absolutely horrendous. No, the fact that you're single person does not excuse it. Plsease for the love of all good, reconsider your thoughts on character's movement animations before game's release. Sincerely, from fan.

  5. You should use mirror’s edge as an inspiration for the maps.

  6. I think the open world levels are a good idea.

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