Dream does PARKOUR on Hypixel Minecraft

Dream does PARKOUR on Hypixel Minecraft… This was insane!

I do not own this footage as it belongs to the Youtuber Dream so you should go check out his channel.

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  1. There's always this one non in chat just demanding for a skip while everyone was simping dream.

  2. yooo ronsted is my friend on hypixel 🙂

  3. I wonder how many different channels Dream has🤔

  4. so this guy yoinks content then edit it I LOVE IT

  5. watching dream do parkour is strangely therapeutic and anxiety inducing at the same time.

  6. Dream : Parkour is fun!


  7. as someone who doesnt know how to do parkour ive LOVED this housing bc it starts easy and gets harder over time, but i spent at least an hour on level 50 and he did it in one try LOL

  8. i like how my friend was in the stream and he didn't even notice

  9. It's surprising how similar Dream and Techno actually are lol

  10. everybody gangsta until dream completes the last jump

  11. You should've added some not copyrighted music and cut some unnecessary part like some easier levels/when he just try over and over again. Because I think it just hardly cutted from the full vods and that's not what he meant about the stream highlight.

    Unless you already talk with your son about this.

  12. 6:17 this iyuz guy has a waaay too big of an attitude like this kids is 9 and he gonna talk like that this little shit😂

  13. OMG no way I am an og on that parcour lol I have resident for over a few months lol love that dream did it

  14. Ok but like this is so satisfying to watch for some reason

  15. That was the easiest jump out of all he says while looking at 1 block wide jumps

  16. Insane: goes after extreme
    GD players: visible confusion

  17. Dream : i think im kinda laggy
    Me who's play with 45/50 fps : yes but actually no

  18. Holy shit I just watched this entire thing and it felt like 10 mins but it was actually an hour?? Wtf

  19. Dream, George, SapNap and Techno have to be in the same team in MCC!

  20. I suck at parkour. I was doing a neo which I suck at on a different parkour map. I finally did it, then I lagged off


  22. I think the fame is getting to dream a little bit

  23. Dream I did that ok like a year ago and tho co owner that was watching u Negry is one of the best cos

  24. How do these guys tests if the Parkour was possible, if they don't have Dream to make sure?

  25. That is good practice agereed i always on hypixel and just play that over and over again i finish the whole thing then i do it again then again and i also do parkour spiral

  26. What I love about Dream is that he never shows off. As he easily passes by players who were having a hard time on certain levels, he never stops and focuses on them or laughs at them for not being able to do well. He's competitive but he's humble <3

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