DYING LIGHT 2 – 4K Full Gameplay Walkthrough EXTENDED

DYING LIGHT 2 [4K] Gameplay Walkthrough

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  1. Time for more Volatile hunting… let there be flares.

  2. the song that girl sings in bar is "help i'm alive" by metric

  3. Seriously considering getting this one, even though I skipped the first game because it didn't look like something I'd enjoy (i.e. it would probably have been too scary and intense…).

  4. No immersion breaking hud, just vibes 😎

  5. idk why but this version looks better than the latest footage we have

  6. This game,whether watching or playing fr helps my anxiety… thank you

  7. The grappling hook is looking more like a rope swing from everything that's been shown so far

  8. It was hard to outrun those Volatiles at Night time . . They are trying to kill my PS4's controller 🤣😆

  9. Hold on I don’t know much about YouTube but the video cover is gameplay from 2021 so how did he get it in 2018?

  10. If I were to fall on one of those dark zones? hah! instant logout it is!

  11. It kinda lacks POV. from the first dying light it has more effects when running, falling, and in climbing/parkour. its like i dont feel being there in this walkthrough. I hope they improve it.

  12. The game is so cool looks great can’t wait for it

  13. How come played 2years ago? It will releses next Feb..

  14. beautiful game.

    I will buy and play.

    But please REMOVE that stamna bar from the middle of the screen.

    it hinders the vision.

  15. this game was supposed to be launched in 2019, and now it's launching in 2022.

  16. Blood and gore in this one is nothing compared to dying light and the following

  17. 이제 뭔가 PC겜이아닌 플스겜이 되어버린거 같은…..

  18. i think the animations of dl2 looks way worse than dl1, but i hope to see a more realistic movement just like dl1, because the camera movement of dl2 looks kinda bad

  19. Work in progress (for the last 10 years)

  20. I'd like to play this game but there's cursing, well that's not happening and I couldn't watch this video because cursing. Sorry

  21. I belive in this game. It will probably be the game of the century.

  22. Beginning of the video It reminded me of a scene in Cyberpunk 2077 when nomad started

  23. where is this mission on dying light 2? is it a DLC or something?

  24. Its strange but what happened to this game, the released version is so different to the concept here.

  25. After 2 years the game release and I’ve played it and wow you can see so many changes compared to the official release

  26. What the hell happened in these last 2 years omg😢 why did we get the Walmart version after so long?!

  27. ไรกรรพรดคคดพได้เลยนะการทำให้มีพลังพอพีระเทพโดยมีผู้แสดงการดำเนินพิธีมอบพลังโซเชียลมีเดียพรดรพรกคพพี่การศึกษาในประเทศและพี่สาวดํารุ่นที่ใช้เป็นประจำและพาร์ทไทม์การพูดจาเอาพี่สาวที่น่าพอจะทราบพอจะทราบดีถึงดีกว่าพี่สาวพลอยเฌอมาลย์คแกคเคเแล้วเอาออกดีมากพอแล้วกับคอร์ดกีตาร์การศึกษาในประเทศพคตพคปดพี่การศึกษาในประเทศกัมพูชาได้เลยปกะตกตพตกำไม่แพงไป

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