DYING LIGHT 2 – 4K Full Gameplay Walkthrough EXTENDED

DYING LIGHT 2 [4K] Gameplay Walkthrough

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  1. Looks great but without a walkthrough and the lack of parkour prompts for directions, this mission would be a mountain of frustration for a real player. Well done producing a "live" presentation of what's basically not real gameplay.

  2. This is definitely nr 1 game im waiting!!!! Love the first game with following edition

  3. The more I watch the more I find if you stayed with Frank you could help find the doctor but if you found the doctor Frank might have gotten better they you could speak to or storm his heart of darkness

  4. The moment he got through that elevator while being chased reminded me so much of the first game. That creepy feeling when you want to look behind you not knowing if they already got to you. Never had this in any other zombie game.
    Really hope they focus more on the imfected. Fighting survivors especially in the second area of the first game wasn't as much fun in my opinion. Probably cause of the ranged combat.

  5. graphics looks like early PS4 era though but otherwise everything looks dope

  6. crazy to think it's been 2 years since this and we're still waiting, hopefully wont be delayed any longer. Come on December 7th!

  7. Came here back after 2 years. With new trailers you can see that game's direction changed a bit. Now it is definitely less realistic and probably story is quite different then it was in this demo because of Chris Avellone being fired form the project. Still hyped as hell for December 7th!!! First game was absolutely amazing.

  8. The games like the last of us have set the bar so high.

  9. Sound like crane a lil but then again I’m playing dying light right now lol

  10. If infection progresses in the dark and within dark zones how will we explore them at night for the loot I wonder ?

  11. 6:48 its the location from an old town in a far? from DL 1location

  12. I really love watching dying light gameplay walkthrough. It feels like I'm also playing haha. Someday I will be playing those soon.

  13. So many we should listen to big boss instead of Mark? Lol but then you don't uncover the part of the map flooded… hmmm


  15. I really hope this ends up like the last game with more fun then realism im really scared there gonna try to change to many things and make it to serious

  16. Gub cash pls.
    Its for a good reason , its for dyingl ight 2!

  17. This was two years ago? So you tell me time flew? Or I'm just slow

  18. It all looks sick af. The only thing that bothers me is the jumping. For example at 7:15 he makes big ass jumps you cant really make.

  19. The twist at 20:45 proves the game will have a very interesting and immersive campaign but it also makes me feel like it will be 10x longer.

  20. I cannot wait to play this game just pre-ordered it a couple days ago

  21. the voice acting is great, you can really hear and feel the struggle in Aiden's voice.

  22. shout out to metric – help im alive!!! love that group and that song

  23. Ok but what about "Help Im Alive" by Metric playing in backgroung the first minutes in that bar? <3

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  25. I just dont like how the physics behave in this game. Velocity is just so unnatural…

  26. I reeeeeeally hope that they balance the stamina the way it drains on some parts is annoying to play with


  28. So, now we know that the early Farcry 6 trailer was just Dying Light 2 in disguise….

  29. I hope this is what we get in the actual game, not like CDPR

  30. Can’t wait for my ps4 to explode while trying to run this masterpiece

  31. i like how he makes the gameplay look like a trailer my another game love it but if i hade smething to change it would be to make it a faster pas thing just something i would do

  32. Guarantee it will look nothing like this when it came out

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