DYING LIGHT 2 – 4K Full Gameplay Walkthrough EXTENDED

DYING LIGHT 2 [4K] Gameplay Walkthrough

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  1. this character sounds like a younger crane

  2. i dont know why that electric pump need to connect to piston crank(of course for reciprocate compressor of diesel pumps) and drive a pump instead of normal centrifugal.
    and why turning pumps affect the dam gate hydrolics sytem where is all the water goes? floodthe city? are these water full of corspe and zeds able to drink? even distilled?

  3. Well with good headset you can tell the shot wasn't fired by the bad guys to Frank but actually from one of the allies

  4. Is the second dying light related with the first ?

  5. This is coming out before my birthday, the perfect gift

  6. Great but stupid releasing a gameplay more than 2 years before its release

  7. "We also are adding 50 more mutations for the night hunter!" – uncy

  8. Man…I've never felt so hyped for a game since the og dying light. I hope they give this game as much support as dying light 1

  9. Is it me or the gameplay seems really really stiff? That is a con for me. Plus the gore physics seem much worse.

  10. imagine this in VR, i will be shitting my pants as well. but damn this game is cool.

  11. Anyone notice how Aiden sounds exactly like Kyle 😂

  12. Is it just me or does this protagonist sound exactly like Crane?

  13. umh the starting sequence remainds me of cyberpunk, let's hope it's not another dumpster fire

  14. i'm annoyed that all my friends will get this and they'll brag all the time about it

  15. I hope buildings are open like this not closed up blocks of the map.

  16. 21:30 “this is a the new Scorpio weapon it basically one shots ur enemies” meanwhile it’s like a pea shooter to crane

  17. Ngl Kyle Crane would beat Aiden in a fight, only advantage for Aiden is his moon jump

  18. Looks really cool. Cant wait to play it. After I saw this trailer, I baught the first part

  19. actions have an results which is very good

  20. Even in DL1 it was to much parkour for me. And in DL2 they doubled it even more? Thxx Ill rather pass.

  21. Well i knew Colonel was speaking truth. Cant wait for game, until then il play 1

  22. The archers mask is from dying light badlands

  23. it's looks soo good man, but pls where you lost the Cut at 23:03 ? In the small parts makes a game huge i think… and can kill it too, if you forgot it.. 🙁

  24. Good thing he had those binos so he could see a ladder not 10 meters away

  25. Cyberpunk scared every game and now ppl take as long as possible to make a game

  26. Help I'm Alive by Metric? Didn't expect to hear that here but it makes this look even better, hot damn.

  27. Who’s the voice actor for Aidan? Is it the same one as Crane?

  28. I thought I had seen gameplay of dying light 2 somewhere

  29. The uv light now affects all zombies equally not only volatiles now then?

  30. why does every "gameplay trailer" start off like a book or documentary

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