Dying Light 2 – MAX LEVEL Parkour Gameplay

Dying Light 2 – Max Level Parkour Gameplay

Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Dying Light 2 – All Weapons & Blueprints & Outfits & Secret Locations Guide & Gameplay

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  1. The way they make the sound fade when you drop never gets old I swear

  2. Bought this game a week ago, $70, well spent. No regrets, nothing, if you have the money… BUY IT

  3. This game looks amazing, I played the first DL and I really enjoyed it but I think the price for this one is too high and I don't have the money sadly, so I'm watching this videos and the game looks so cool.

  4. I wished the game would include flips and shits, getting to somewhere would be a little slower because of that, but in multiplayer it looks amazing to watch

  5. why does it look worse than the first game's parkour?

  6. So what I’m hearing is Dying Light 2 is just an apocalyptic parkour game? And that car negate all fall damage?

  7. I watch alot of videos like this because I cant afford a new Xbox to play this, thanks for posting

  8. 2:02 physics has left the chat

    They should have fall damage in this game

  9. From what i see in this vid dying light pt 1 is better for me

  10. I prefer this environment over old town and the slums. its better for Parkour

  11. I wish i had this game man…
    But I can't afford it

  12. I wish so much that I had this game but I just can’t afford it

  13. You has xbox one ?
    I am yes xbox one
    I buy Dying Light 2 Ultimate Edition

  14. This is real spider Man spider Man games should be like this

  15. In my opinion in first Dying Light parkour was better. Because Crane faster climing and faster running than Aiden.

  16. Almost finished w/ story. I can't wait for new game plus.

  17. Genuinely shows just how fuckin godly Dying Light 1 is.

  18. hey are you on next gen by any chance, cuz your game looks so smooth

  19. I can swear to god that some Mirror's Edge developers worked on this game aswell

  20. I'm watching videos to decide what game to buy, and DL2 was an option, and I really want it, but there are more cons than pros for me 😔 but one day I'll buy it just for the parkour

  21. On wikipedia: "Kotaku praised the parkour system, writing that it expanded upon its predecessor in meaningful ways".
    Confused about this praise as I don't see any improvements really, same stuff, no?

  22. Why do the dynamic parkour soundtracks sound so downscalled to there stock counterparts? Like Joy of parkour is missing a lot instruments in the dynamic version. And Breath of the city dynamic version is missing those whawha sounds from the stock version.

  23. If only you can do some of these jumps and wall runs in Far Cry.

  24. The way the music kicks in even when doing Parkour is so good i'm excited!

  25. Can’t wait to play it i got it for £40 and it’s downloading

  26. parkour is so pointless.. why do i have this game..

  27. wheres cyle crane to see this parkour bro

  28. Your thought about this game ? . I like the first one but i haven't play the 2nd yet becaus there are so many bad review about this game

  29. Aiden is much faster and stronger than normal human being. He has less damage from high fall and can jump higher due to his Volatile ability

  30. Parkour looks so choppy compared to first DL

  31. Can someone tell what are those blue things on the floor he jumps off at 3:38 ?
    Is it some kind of a contraption with a launching mechanism? Because if it's only a trampuline, that's ridiculous..

  32. You gotta hit those speed boosts my guy xD

  33. I’ll tell you a secret. When you slide then kick after, you do a ledge vault, and when you jump twice after a safe landing, you do a high vault. Shhh, this is very good information!

  34. Que lastima que es un bonito juego, pero no le llega al dl1 en la mayoría de los aspectos

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