Dying Light 2 – MAX LEVEL Parkour Gameplay

Dying Light 2 – Max Level Parkour Gameplay

Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Dying Light 2 – All Weapons & Blueprints & Outfits & Secret Locations Guide & Gameplay

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  1. They should add shits that you can ride on to get a cross water.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, does Aiden occasionally laugh as he’s parkouring?I love that little touchI’m not sure how it fits in lore-wise (if it fits in with the tone of the game) but it definitely syncs up with how the player feels as they do these movesGives a bit of levity to the otherwise serious story.

  3. this is why i max out parkour when you combine it and the night runner gear maxed out it lets you do a beautiful combination of parkour

  4. JaysJinxed Ch. ジェイズジンクス says:

    Mirror’s edge was juat different

  5. So, what people say its true. A parkour game with zombies in it 😂

  6. decent game, but nothing compares to the parkour in Mirrors Edge: Catalyst.

  7. People like to talk shit about this parkour but it's probably the best in the industry other than mirrors edge

  8. I love dying light 2 but nobody can defeat Crain. He is an absolute legend

  9. The asthenic in this game is incredible at times. I love that they added a ton of bright colors. I still like the first game way more overall but I gotta admit it was a tad excessive in it's gloom/grit. But I guess it makes sense. First game the outbreak is much more fresh so it fits that it looks more depressing while in DL2 they have had way more time to acclimate and find a semblance of normal and therefore should feel much more optimistic.

  10. Guys does anybody know how to turn off the white lines while sprinting?

  11. I can't be the only one who desperately wants to see a Daredevil game in this style.

  12. Meh. I woulda made some different choices. But not bad.

  13. Can we still meet sophie after the main story end?

  14. I watch so many video like this just because i don't have money to buy this game😭😭

  15. movement looks so smooth compared to the first game!

  16. I just got dying light 2 today and it’s great

  17. The parkour in this game looks just like those fake mobile ads, except its actually real

  18. Best music implementation in a game I've ever seen

  19. Well played my friend, thanks for sharing it 👍✨

  20. i’m not sure wether to get this game or Uncharted because i love both games though i have never played uncharted 😭

  21. Nice video, debating whether to get this game or not. I don’t really care about the story, i just want to parkour and kill stuff tbh.

  22. You know the soundtrack feels like it has some of the main theme for 1 it sort of gives the same vibe

  23. Don’t get after boost unless you want a button prompt every 5 seconds.

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